1 Simple Trick Gets You Her Phone Number Every Time

Posted by Troy Valance
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What If There Was a Simple, 100% ‘Rejection-Proof’ Way to Get Her Phone Number Every Time? Great News… There is! Read On to Discover What It Is…

A woman’s phone number.

You need it if you want to get to know her better.

The way dating works is pretty simple…

Meet the woman…

Get her phone number (so you can contact her)…

Call or text her and arrange to see her again…

Sleep with her…

Not exactly rocket science is it?

And it’s very obvious (to me anyway) that getting her PHONE NUMBER is of vital importance!

You can go out anywhere…

To a coffee shop, a nightclub, the gym or your favorite bar… and you can have the most awesome interaction with a woman ever…

You can captivate her with INTERESTING conversation…

You can make her LAUGH so hard you bring tears to her eyes…

And you can be the most CONFIDENT guy she’s met all year…


If you leave her without getting her number – chances are you’re never gonna see her again!

All that effort… WASTED.

You don’t wanna make that a habit, do you?


“Why The Heck Do Guys Find It So Hard To Get Girls Numbers?”

Look, getting a woman’s phone number is EASY once you know how.

Yet most guys screw it up.

The big MISTAKE most guys make is asking for the number…

They’ll be like:

“Oh, erm, you know… it’s been really nice chatting to you. Please could I have your phone number?”

Hand me the sick bucket!


That’s just so weak, needy and insecure it’s not even funny.

And she thinks to herself:

“Nah, this guy ain’t the kind of guy I wanna date. I want a strong, manly, confident guy”

Then she makes up an excuse NOT to give him the phone number…


She gives him a FAKE number (with 1 digit ‘accidentally’ incorrect).


Women love CONFIDENT guys who exude MASCULINITY.

With that thought in mind, what’s the most ballsy, confident, manly way to get her number?

Like this…

If you’re face-to-face with her…

Get out your phone, type ‘07’ into it – then hand it to her…*

*IMPORTANT NOTE: In England all mobile phone numbers begin with 07

Once you hand the phone to her with ’07’ already typed – she’ll know what to do next. She’ll know to fill in her phone number.

And guess what?

That technique works EVERY TIME (assuming you’ve gotten her attracted to you and she feels comfortable around you).

Sometimes the girl will just type in her phone number.

Other times she’ll smile and say something like:

“Wow, you’re confident aren’t you?”

Either way – it’s a RESULT.

You have her phone number you can contact her and arrange to meet her in the future.

If you’re online dating…

You can use a similarly CONFIDENT approach when it comes to getting her number.

After you’ve exchanged 3 or 4 messages with her – and she’s clearly interested in you, you can say something like this:

“Let’s meet for coffee at that new place on 52nd Street opposite the old gym. Send me your number and I’ll call tomorrow you to arrange a time and place”

She’ll send you her number.

You’ve made it easy for her.

You’ve done it in a cool, confident, low pressure way.

You’ve shown her you’re the kind of guy who can TAKE CONTROL of a situation.

All things that make her more attracted to you.


You now know how to get a woman’s phone number in a way that works every time.

And that’s great.


To get her to the point where she wants to see you again – and is going to be willing to give you her number– you first have to get her ATTRACTED to you.

To do that – you’re gonna need to capture her attention with INTRESTING, FUNNY conversation.

Most guys have no idea how to be interesting or funny around women.

But you’ll be a MASTER of it once you’ve read my ‘Fool-Proof Conversation Starters’ program 😉

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