5 Online Dating Tips for Beginners

Posted by Troy Valance
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If You’re A Man and You Want to Know How To Meet Women Online and Set Up Red-Hot Dates – Use These 5 Tips As Soon As Possible – and Thank Me Later! 😉

CONFESSION TIME! The title of this blog post ‘5 Online Dating Tips for Beginners’ is slightly miss-leading.

You see, the proven TIPS you’re about to discover are relevant and will work for ANY man who wants to meet women using online dating (not just beginners).

If you’re a true MASTER of online dating – you’ll already know this stuff. But trust me – most men never get past the NOVICE stage and most remain total ‘rookies’ for their entire ‘online dating career.’

A ‘career’ that usually ends in FRUSTRATION and a distinct lack of success.

Intro over, please read on carefully if:

  • You want an instant advantage over 95% of men who try online dating
  • You’d like to know how to get hot women to contact you when you’re online dating (so that you don’t have to make the first move)
  • You want to learn the 5 things that’ll virtually guarantee your success in ‘the world of online dating’ and get you more smokin’ hot dates in a month than most guys get in their entire lifetimes!

Still reading?


Then we shall begin…

5 Powerful and Proven Tips for Men Who Want to Become Masters of Online Dating:

#1: Your Profile Is Your Most Important Asset Online

Imagine crafting a woman a PERFECT first message…

You have her completely HOOKED as she’s reading it. She’s excited, she has butterflies – your message has made you stand out from all the other LOSERS that have messaged her boring, lame crap.

She thinks:

“Oh my God, who is this guy? I wanna know more about him”

So she eagerly clicks the button to check out your profile – only to be horrified by how incomplete/boring and/or unimaginative and lame it is.


She’s gone. Forever.

No longer interested in you.

Hopefully you can now see why your PROFILE is your most important asset when online dating…

Cuz women WILL check it and there’s no coming back from it being LOUSY!

#2: Being Ugly Isn’t A Deal Breaker – But BAD PICTURES Are!

Few men look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney – but that’s no problem.

I’ve been on HUNDREDS of dates with beautiful women who I’ve met online – and I’m short and certainly don’t have the face of a model.

When online dating, it’s okay to NOT be the best looking guy in the room.

What’ not okay is to have pictures that suck.

You want pictures that:

  • Build social-proof (a picture taken with a girl does this nicely)
  • Show you have a life (a picture of you doing your favorite hobby does this well)
  • Show you at your best (showered, smiling, teeth cleaned usually does the trick)

#3: It’s All About Your First Message

First impressions count my friend. They really do.

The first message you send to a woman should, generally speaking:

  • Be interesting
  • Contain a little humour
  • Show you’ve actually read her profile!

It should not:

  • Be needy
  • Be a ‘1-liner’
  • Have anything to do with asking her to show you her breasts or offering to send her a ‘dick pic’

Heck, even if you do look like Pitt or Clooney – a BAD first message won’t get a reply.

#4: Weird As It Sounds… Less Is More

You find a girl you like the look of…

You message her…

5 minutes later she hasn’t replied…

You message her again – asking WHY she hasn’t replied.


That’s NEEDY and INSECURE behaviour and will never get a reply from a confident woman.

Another common mistake…

You send the first message… She replies and seems interested…

So far so good.

But now you bombard her with a never-ending stream of messages. Every time she replies – you message her back in an instant.

Again, this says to her:

“Wow, this guy is desperate. He doesn’t have a life”

And that’s it – her interest is GONE.

I like to send no more than 2 messages to the same woman in a day when online dating. My friend – Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong – is even more cut-throat…

He never sent more than 1-message-a day-to the same woman when online dating. And that guy was a MACHINE when he was working ‘the online dating game.’

Either way, you get the idea…


#5: It’s A Numbers Game – But Don’t Abuse it

Important: Read this important online dating tip carefully

When you first set up an online dating profile on a big site like PlentyOfFish.com you might feel like a kid in a candy store.

So many hot girls…

So much choice!

You ask yourself:

“Where should I begin?”

Oh, I know, I’ll write a short message and COPY and PASTE it to a hundred girls or more. Bound to get a few dates that way, right?


Girls aren’t stupid.

They can smell a ‘cut and pasted’ message a million miles away. And they’ll never respond to it.


I hope you found these 5 online dating tips useful.

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And so much more.

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