5 Ways to Feel More Confident Around Women

Posted by Troy Valance
Man who feels confident around women

If You Want to Enjoy Major Dating Success with Women – Confidence Is Essential. But How Do You Get It? Read On and All Shall Be Revealed…

I’m about to show you 5 simple, proven ways to feel more CONFIDENT around women.

But first, let’s answer a quick question:

“Why is it important to be confident around women?”

Well, you know what a ‘Bad Boy’ is, right?

A Bad Boy is that kinda guy who treats women like CRAP – yet seems to have a different woman on his arm every night of the week…

And gets SEX whenever he wants it.

How the heck does that work?

How can guys who act like total JERKS to women – end up with a virtually never-ending stream of ‘dates’ and ‘bedroom adventures’

…While ‘Nice Guys’ are left date-less and lonely?

Confidence my friend.

The answer is CONFIDENCE.

Bad Boys are confident around women and that sparks instant and massive attraction.

Honestly, the single most important thing you simply HAVE TO work on – if you want to enjoy huge success with women – is confidence. Because woman are magnetically attracted to it.

With that thought in mind, let me show you…

5 Proven Tips that’ll Help You Feel and Act More Confident Around Women…

Pay attention brother, cuz this is the good stuff…

#1: Talk to Women Everywhere You Go

Do you know what happens if you make an effort to talk to women EVERYWHERE you go?

First off, you realize that women don’t bite and they very rarely tell you to ‘F-Off’

Secondly, you get really CONFIDENT talking to them!

Now, hear me out…

When I say:

“Talk to women everywhere you go”

I don’t mean that you should simply say ‘Hi’

I mean actually strike up CONVERSATIONS with women at every available opportunity…

In the grocery store…

While you’re at the supermarket…

When you’re waiting for a bus or a train…

When you’re in an elevator.

Women are all around you. Often stood right next to you! Take advantage of these situations, get talking to them – and watch your confidence EXPLODE.

#2: Get More Female Friends

The guys who enjoy the most dating and sexual success with women usually have A LOT of female friends.

I know I do. That’s for sure.

Yet ‘average dudes’ who struggle with women rarely seem to have any genuine female friends.

Having female friends has a wealth of benefits:

  • It gives you unique insights into the way women think and behave
  • It gets you introduced to A TON of other women (cuz women love to be ‘match makers’)
  • It makes you as comfortable and CONFIDENT talking to women as you are talking to your guy friends

#3: Keep Some Perspective

One of the biggest reasons why many guys feel so nervous, anxious and ‘on-edge’ when talking to women – or even thinking about talking to a woman – is because they ‘big the whole thing up’ to be something it isn’t.

Think about it…

You see a pretty girl in a coffee shop or night club.

You walk up to her and strike up a conversation. Regardless of whether you get her number or she tells you she’s not interested – IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER.

You’re still YOU.

Your mother still loves you.

You still have the same job.

You’re still alive and breathing the air around you.

It’s not like talking to a woman and having it not go to plan is gonna kill you.

And it’s certainly not gonna start World War 3.

Keeping some perspective in mind really helps you to chill out and confidently approach women and talk to them. Safe in the knowledge that even if it doesn’t quite go to plan…

It’s no big deal.

There are plenty more women out there. And, no matter how good you get – you can’t have ‘em all. No guy can.

#4: Use Deep Breathing to Instantly Relax and Calm Down

You’re on a date and you feel anxious…

The conversation isn’t flowing…

You can’t get your words out…

It’s all going WRONG.


Calm down bro.

Get your act together.

Easier said than done, eh?

Well, actually – it’s damn EASY when you know how.

Here’s how to do it…

Nip off to the bathroom and take 10 deep breaths.

Breathe deeply. 3 seconds in, 3 seconds out.

This will INSTANTLY calm you down and bring up your confidence level. Top athletes do it all the time – now you can use it to help your ‘dating game’


#5: Go On A LOT More Dates

Confident woman
To get REALLY confident with women – date A LOT of women!

If you wanted to develop a world-class Golf Swing…

Or a tennis serve that’d give Roger Federer a fright…

What would you do?

You’d practice, right?

Course you would.


Whenever you could – you’d practice.

Well, guess what?

If you wanna get SUPER-CONFIDENT around women – you need to go on A LOT of dates…

Several a week.

After 2-4 weeks of going on at least 3 dates a week – you will be amazingly confident around women (and you’ll be getting more than ‘your fair share’ of sex too 😉


“How do you go on at least 3 dates a week?”


You get good at Online Dating.

Seriously – it’s the quickest and easiest way to set up a constant stream of dates with red-hot beautiful women.


In my Online Dating Mastery program I’ll teach you exactly how to set up a killer online dating profile that has drop-dead gorgeous girls contacting you, desperate to meet…

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Online Dating Mastery
Online Dating is a great way to meet hot women


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