7 ‘Wussy Mistakes’ The Average Guy Makes with Women

Posted by Troy Valance
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Here Are 7 Stupid, Dumb Ways Many Men Behave Around Beautiful Women, that Literally Repel Them and Make Them Run-A-Mile – Avoid At All Costs

You’re about to discover 7 classic ways guys SCREW UP with women, by acting all NEEDY and WUSSY.

I wonder:

“How many of these major dating MISTAKES you make on a regular basis?”

One thing I can promise you is this…

If you read this blog post carefully, and STOP making these KILLER MISTAKES – mistakes 90% of guys make with women on a regular basis – then you will enjoy:

  • More success when you approach women
  • More 1st dates
  • More 2nd and 3rd dates

And, of course, ‘the biggie’…

  • More SEX!

So listen. Do me a favour…

Turn off anything that might distract you in the next couple minutes – such as Facebook, Twitter or the television – and give what follows your FULL ATTENTION. Because it might just change your fortunes in the ‘dating game’ for the better, forever

Let’s get into it…

The Top 7 Needy, Wussy Mistakes 90% of
Men Make with Hot Women…

In no particular order…

Mistake #1: Paying Her Too Many Generic Compliments

“You’re so beautiful” – yeah, she knows it.

“You’re gorgeous” – same deal… she’s well aware of the fact.

“Has anyone ever told you you’re the most beautiful girl in the world?” – as it so happens, 3 guys have already done that, today, and it makes her wanna reach for the sick bucket EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Look, complimenting women can be a GOOD thing…

Just not if you pay the same generic, lame compliments every other guys pays her.

If she’s a STUNNER – she knows it. Doesn’t need you to tell her.

Question is:

“How do you pay a woman a compliment in a way that makes you stand out from all the other guys – and in a way that actually increases her attraction for you?”


You do it by complimenting her INFREQUENTLY – and by complimenting her on things very unique to her.

When I say ‘infrequently’ – you may pay her 1 compliment on the first date. That’s enough!

If every other thing you say is a compliment – you’re just trying to KISS-HER-ASS… she’ll know it, and it’ll repel her…

Cuz it’s just too NEEDY.

Now, when I say that you should pay a woman a unique compliment – it’s actually very simple to do.

Let’s say you’re talking to a girl and she’s wearing a truly distinctive, outrageous piece of clothing that you really like. Say:

“Wow, you’re [insert clothing name here] is really amazing. What’s the story behind that?”

Or, let’s imagine she’s got a crazy haircut, dyed bright PINK. You say:

“I love your pink hair. That’s crazy. When did you get that done?”

See what I’m doing here?

Paying sincere, non-needy compliments that are unique to her. I’m picking up on stuff other guys probably don’t. And, I’m asking a quick question at the end of the compliment that gives her an excuse to TALK ABOUT HERSELF.

Remember this…

People LOVE to talk about THEMSELVES.

If you give them that chance, and then LISTEN carefully – they start to really like you.

Mistake #2: Being Too Available

Guy in bed with 3 girls
Make her think you’re ‘IN DEMAND’ and she’ll want you even more…

“Hey Katie. Great to meet you yesterday. Would love to see you again. I’m available every day this week, lunchtime or evening. You let me know when you’re free”


That is like the NEEDIEST way to ask a girl out, ever.

You know what it says to a woman when you make yourself TOO AVAILABLE?

I’ll tell you…

It says:

“I’m a LOSER, I have NO LIFE. I have no friends. And I’m so desperate to get a girl that I’ll bend my entire life and schedule around you – a woman I barely know – just because I’m dying to get laid”


That’s what it says when you make yourself too available.

Not good, huh?

Needless to say…

If you behave all wussy and needy like that, around a hot girl with good self-esteem and confidence – she’ll run-a-mile.

What’s a better way?

Make yourself seem VALUABLE.

How do you do that?

Well, you tell her you’re only available on Monday at lunchtime, or on Thursday evening. You tell her it’d be great to meet – but your weekend is STACKED OUT already.

By setting things up like this, she thinks:

“Wow, this guy is in demand. He’s constantly busy and going out places.”

Then, her sub-conscious tells her:

“He must be worth getting to know”


Now you’re getting somewhere Stud.

Mistake #3: Agreeing With Everything She Says

WHATEVER she says – even if it violates all your core beliefs and values – you AGREE with.

Just to try and get laid.


That is needy, wussy, sucky behaviour. And women bloody HATE it.

Now hear me out…

I’m not for 1 second suggesting you DISAGREE with a woman for the sake of it. In fact, disagreeing generally BREAKS RAPPORT, so you should avoid whenever possible.

But, do not do what most men do, which is to AGREE with EVERYTHING she says, no matter what. Because, if you do – she’ll know it. Women are real good at picking up on these things you see.

And remember…

Women like a challenge – so if you just ‘roll over’ and say “YES” to EVERYTHING she says, no matter how much you disagree, she’ll soon get BORED.

Be TRUE to yourself.

When you agree with her – great.

When you disagree – find a polite way to say so, without offending or insulting her.

For instance:

Let’s say she tells you that Indian Food is THE BEST FOOD EVER. But you disagree.

Don’t say:

“Well, I’ve got news for you girl – I hate Indian Food”

Cuz that will instantly BREAK RAPPORT.

Instead, say:

“Yeah, I can see why you’d love Indian Food. It’s full of flavour. However, my favorite food is Italian, because blah, blah, blah”


That’s how you DISAGREE without breaking rapport, offending, insulting etc.

Call it ADVANCED COMMUNICATION skills. Something most men know NOTHING about.

Mistake #4: Asking If You Can Hold Her Hand or Kiss Her

Pouting girl
She doesn’t want you to ASK before you KISS her!

A real man doesn’t ASK if he can hold a woman’s hand.

Nor does he ask if he can KISS her.

Why doesn’t he do these things?

Because he knows they’re SUBMISSIVE, wussy ways of acting. And because he knows women love DOMINANT men who can make decisions and take control.

When you’re on a first date with a woman, a ‘fool-proof’ way to hold her hand is to grab it just before you cross a busy road.

That way, it looks like you’re holding her hand to ‘help her cross safely.’ A very good thing because women look for men who can PROTECT them.

How about the ‘first kiss?’

How do you do that without ASKING her and coming across as a major WUSS?


You read her ‘sexual signals.’

Once she does at least 3 of the following, she’s generally ready for YOU to instigate the KISS:

  • Looks at you and bites her lower lip
  • Licks her lips while looking at you
  • Deliberately sits CLOSER to you
  • Holds eye contact for slightly longer than usual
  • Touches you repeatedly
  • Is super comfortable when you touch her – particularly if you touch her lower back or legs
  • Pays you a compliment that has something to do with your appearance


Mistake #5: Accepting ‘Bad Behaviour’

Women can behave like real BITCHES sometimes.

Notice, I did not say that WOMEN ARE BITCHES. Many men believe that to be true – I don’t.

But, women can act like bitches (just like men can act like JERKS).

Thing is…

How do you handle it when a woman acts like a bitch to you?

If you just accept it, she will quickly LOSE attraction for you. Because her acting like a bitch to you is almost a ‘shit test.’

She testing to see how MANLY you are, and to see how much she can get away with.

If you accept her bitchy behaviour, in a WUSSY, INSECURE way – she ain’t going to bed with you!

However, if you put her in her place when she acts bitchy towards you, it can:

  • Increase her attraction for you
  • Make her realize you are worth spending time with
  • Make her respect you more and stop being bitchy

To illustrate what I’m saying, let’s imagine you have a date arranged with this woman for 7pm on Thursday night.

However, she shows up at 8pm, and doesn’t offer any reason as to why she’s late. She just acts like its OK…

OK to have made you wait an hour for her!

Here’s what you might say:

“Sarah, it’s great to see you. But let me tell you this… My time is valuable and I don’t appreciate having it wasted. We agreed to meet at 7, and you showed at 8. While I understand that things can happen, I’d appreciate it in future if you dropped me a text or call beforehand to let me know when you’re going to be late. Now, what you having to drink?”

See what I did there?

I let her know she’d done something that I didn’t like.

I put her in her place.


I didn’t make a HUGE deal out of it. And I quickly asked her if she wanted a drink – which kinda ‘diffuses’ the situation before it turns into a big argument, which isn’t what you want.

You just want to let her know you DO NOT stand for BAD BEHAVIOUR.

And trust me…

When you let her know that you don’t stand for bad behaviour – she will RESPECT you as a MAN. Cuz she knows she can’t walk all over you.


Mistake #6: Being Too Predictable

Bodybuilder and blonde
Being UNPREDICTABLE can get you a long way with women!

Most men are horribly PREDICTABLE.

They all dress the same…

Talk about the same things (football, cars, tits and beer)…

And you know what?

Women HATE it.

Women want a guy who stands out from the crowd, and isn’t so predictable.

How can you act in an UNPREDICTABLE way that women love?

HUNDREDS of ways.

Let me give you a couple to get you started:

  • When arranging a second or third date with a woman, avoid ‘dinner and movie.’ Because that’s too PREDICTABLE. Instead, tell her to meet you at [XYZ venue] at a given time. But don’t tell her what you’re doing. Tell her it’s a SURPRISE. This’ll keep her guessing, and EXCITED, all day long, thinking about your ‘date’ later that night


  • Let’s imagine you’ve just started seeing a new girl. And you’ve slept with her 3 times. Have flowers and chocolates sent to her at work the next day. Include a note with the flowers – something about how hot ‘last night’ was. She’ll LOVE it. And it’ll make her work-mates jealous as hell!

Mistake #7: Never Touching Her

Here’s a FACT for you that you really should burn into your memory…

When you go out a date with a woman, the longer you wait to TOUCH HER – the harder it becomes.

In fact, if you wait to the 2nd or 3rd date to touch her – it can become really AWKWARD.

Because she starts to think:

“If it was going anywhere with this guy, we’d be holding hands, or kissing by now”

Seriously – that’s what starts to go through a woman’s mind when you DON’T touch her.

Think about it…

When you meet your mates for a few drinks – what’s the first thing you do?

You shake hands, right?

Or, you give each other a hug.

Or, you might ‘touch knuckles.’

Whatever you do – you TOUCH!

When I was doing a lot of INTERNET DATING, I’d always shake the girl’s hand, and give her a KISS on the CHEEK as soon as I met her.

Why did I do this?

Cuz it got her INSTANTLY used to her and me touching. And it instantly took any awkwardness out of the situation.

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