7 Secrets to Making Great Conversation with Women

Posted by Troy Valance

If You Ever Struggle to Know What to Say to Women – Fear Not. Because In This Article You’ll Discover 7 Secrets that Make Talking to Women A Piece of Cake!

Doesn’t matter whether you wanna meet the girl of your dreams, date multiple women at once, or sleep with a different girl every night of the week…

If you’re gonna be successful with women – you HAVE TO become comfortable talking to them.

You have to be able to CONFIDENTLY make conversation.

Otherwise your interactions with women will dry up faster than a puddle on a hot summers day.

That thought in mind, here are…

7 Secrets to Making Great Conversation with Women…

#1: Sometimes Simple Works Best

Many guys in the ‘Pick-Up Community’ come up with all manner of crazy ways to start a conversation with a woman.

Canned routines, “Can I get your opinion” type openers, and more.

And while that stuff can certainly work – it’s not very REAL is it?

It’s not how CONFIDENT men interact with women.

The other day I was leaving my apartment to go into town. On the way down to the ground floor, the lift stopped at floor 5 and in got a total bombshell.

One of those flawless women that momentarily takes your breath away and ties your stomach in knots.

Anyway, I regained my composure, smiled at her and said:

“Hey, how you doing?”

She smiled back, a conversation started and the rest, as they say – is history 😉

See – oftentimes, SIMPLE works best.

#2: Observe What’s Going On Around You

One of the easiest and most natural ways to start a conversation with a woman is to comment on your surroundings.

Talk about what’s going on around you.

A while back I was in a queue at an ice cream parlour and behind me was stood a VERY HOT chick.

5’5, blond hair, blue eyes, tight butt.

California babe.

The fact that we were in central London doesn’t matter (just humor me and indulge my California babe fantasy).

To be honest…

I’d lost all interest in the ice cream now that I’d seen her.

So when I got to the front of the queue I turned round, SMILED at her and said:

“What do you recommend?”

She came back with a couple of choices, a conversation started and we ended up sharing a double chocolate chip cone and a tub of cookie dough.

See how this works?

I just used WHAT WAS GOING ON to start a conversation.

Nothing weird or pre-rehearsed.

Keep it real.

#3: Don’t Talk ‘Non-Stop’

Ever been hit by a STEAM ROLLER?

I’ve had conversations with people where they made me feel like I’d been hit by a steam roller.

If you talk non-stop – that’s how you’ll make the woman feel.

Not good.

You can’t ‘steam-roller’ her into giving you her number, going on a date, or having sex.

A conversation is a 2-way thing and ‘steam rollers’ seem to forget that.

Slow down, occasionally pause, and let her get a Goddam word in!

#4: Be A Good Listener

The best conversationalists are really good LISTENERS.

One of the biggest annoyances women have is that they feel like men never listen! So when you really take the time to listen to her – you stand out from all the other guys.

By the way…

Being a good listener isn’t just about keeping quiet.

It’s about listening to her words and really paying attention to what she has to say. Try it – you’ll be AMAZED at how well women respond when you listen well.

#5: People, Events or Ideas? Choose Wisely…

I forget where I read it, but a wise man once said:

BORING people talk about PEOPLE.

Semi-Interesting people talk about EVENTS.

And really interesting people?

They talk about IDEAS.

There’s a big lesson right there. Take note of it.

#6: Give Her Plenty of Eye Contact

To make effortless conversation with a woman, you have to give her eye contact.

No eye contact is WEIRD.

It’s creepy.

The person gives off a stench that wreaks of lacking self-confidence.

Be careful though…

There are those people who give 100% eye contact. They usually have a habit of standing slightly too close and you get that feeling that they’re ‘invading your personal space.’

Avoid that.

Find a happy medium.

#7: Touch Her In A Cool, Confident, Natural Way

When you talk to your buddies – you touch them, right?

You ‘High 5’ each other.

You slap one another on the back.

You might play fight.

It’s normal. It’s natural. It builds rapport and makes people feel close to each other.

If you want things to get romantic with the woman you’re talking to – you have to TOUCH HER as you’re talking to her.

Don’t slap on her on the back though! LOL.

Instead, touch her shoulder naturally, now and then.

If you tease her playfully and she’s laughing at herself – give her a high 5 for being a good sport.

Gotta touch her if you wanna get to know her in a romantic and physical way.

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Till next time,

Your friend…


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