Dating Tips: When to Kiss a Woman for The 1st Time

Posted by Troy Valance
Hot brunette ready to be kissed

Here’s The Weird Truth About When You Should Kiss a Woman for The First Time (It’s Almost Certainly Not When You Think)…

The first kiss a BIG DEAL.

You gotta get it right man. Get it wrong and you’ll instantly ‘turn the woman off’ and she’ll likely lose ALL interest in you.



Get the first kiss right – and SEX might only be seconds away.

Keep reading and I’ll explain everything you – as a man – ought to know about when to kiss a woman for the first time…

And I’ll also reveal an advanced-yet-easy-to-master ‘kissing technique’ that’ll totally blow any woman’s mind and make her incredibly WET between her thighs!

Let’s get into it…

Have Patience and Make Her Wait…

Often time’s guys will kiss a woman as soon as possible.

I used to do this myself.

I’d go out to bars and clubs and as soon as I could tell the woman was into me – I’d go for the kiss.

This got me A LOT of ‘kiss-closes’ in bars and nightclubs.

But here’s the weird thing…

I noticed a pattern started to emerge.

The pattern was that it was HARDER to take women home and have sex with them if I’d first kissed them in a club.

In contrast, if I delayed the kiss until the woman was back at my place (or I was back at hers) – sex almost always happened!

What the heck was going on?

Ok, pay attention.

Here’s the deal…

If you kiss a woman in a bar or club – or on any kind of date for that matter – BEFORE she is ready for sex, you trigger her sub-conscious to start thinking:

“Oh, this guy’s just after me for sex”

And that triggers her ‘ANTI-SLUT mechanism.’ And sure enough – sleeping with her becomes more difficult…


If You Wait Till She’s Ready For Sex – Everything Becomes EASY!

Honestly, the best advice I can give you is to wait until you know a woman is ready to sleep with you – and then kiss her.

So you kiss her and lead immediately into SEX.

This takes some self-discipline because it’s highly tempting as a red-blooded male to kiss every woman you can at the first possible opportunity.

But it’s not the best way.

Because, as I explained earlier…

That kiss often triggers her ‘anti-slut’ defences and makes it more difficult to escalate to sex.


If you wait until you’re in a ‘sex location’ with her (back at her place or yours) and then kiss her – what you’ll find is that that 1st kiss often leads nicely into SEX.

And, as I’m sure you’ll agree…

No matter how good it feels to kiss 7 different girls in one night in your favourite night club…

You’ll have more fun taking home the HOTTEST chick in there and having sex, right?


So take my advice and wait till you’re in a ‘sex location’ before you kiss a woman for the first time.

Now, before you rush off, let me give you a quick…

Kissing Tip That’ll Blow Any Woman’s Mind…

Here it is…

When you’re kissing a woman, SUCK her lower lip.

Seriously – use your lips to suck on her lower lip.

This drives women CRAZY and makes them very hot, wet and horny (as you’ll find out when you try it with the next red-hot beauty you hook up with).


The truth is that being a great kisser is just one part of being a GREAT LOVER.

You also need to know how to:

  • Give women world-class oral sex
  • Give women vaginal orgasms (something 90% of men DO NOT know how to do)
  • Make women cum over and over again during intercourse (without using clitoral stimulation)

And so much more.

The really important thing to understand is that being a GREAT LOVER gives you choice. Because when you give a woman mind-blowing sex – she’ll be addicted to you and desperate to see you again.

But give a woman BAD SEX and she’ll ignore your calls and texts.

Blow her mind = have total choice over which girls you sleep with over and over again


Bad sex = girls never returning your calls.

Pretty simple math.


“How do you become a great lover?”


You read my Sexual Mastery program that I co-authored with my good friend Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong.

In all seriousness…

You’d be crazy to sleep with another woman until you’ve read it…

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