Does Online Dating Work? Here’s The Shocking Truth…

Posted by Troy Valance
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If You’ve Ever Wondered Whether or Not Online Dating Is A Good Way to Meet Red-Hot Girls – Read On Carefully Because You’re About to Discover The Answer…

In this blog post I’m going to answer a simple question for you: “Does Online Dating Work?”

The answer might surprise you. But here it is…

Several years back I was in a relationship that’d gone STALE.

Actually, that’s probably the understatement of the year…

You see, this woman and I had been together for about 4 years – but we hadn’t had sex in nearly a YEAR.

No joke.

We didn’t have sex.

We’d never fallen out, and we got on great – as friends.

But as far as ‘the sex side of things went’ – we never bothered. We’d settled into a rut and we were just going through the motions.

Sure, we lived together – but there was no PASSION.

Not one bit.




Anyhow, to cut a long story short… one day I SNAPPED. I decided enough-was-enough and I had to end this SEXLESS relationship.

It was the right thing to do. Because neither her nor I were really happy.

So there I was – SINGLE after years of living with a woman in a sexless relationship – ready to ‘play the field.’

Only trouble was…

I Was Scared To Death Because I Had No Idea Where To Meet Women!

Honestly, I had NO IDEA about how to get back into the ‘dating game’ and start meeting women.

Heck, at first even the idea of APPROACHING a woman and saying “hello” filled me with DREAD.

After several months of going out to bars and nightclubs with my buddies and telling myself that I’d start approaching women and making something happen…

Nothing had happened.

I’d ‘lose my bottle’ in the bars and nightclubs and I’d end up standing round with my buddies, drinking beer, talking about how “that hot blonde over there would get it” – and how “I’d love to take that girl home”

I look back now and laugh.

My mates and I were just like all the other LOSERS…

We did A LOT of ‘talking’ when it came to women – but never took any action.

Then something changed…

You see, one day I’m sat down with a friend of mine – who happens to be very good with women – and I’m telling him about my ‘girl troubles.’

He says:

“Troy, you gotta start online dating

My reply?

“Isn’t that for losers and weirdoes?”

He looked me in the eye and said:

“You’re the one who hasn’t had sex in nearly a year and doesn’t have the balls to even say hello to a woman on the street…

…I’ve been on 4 dates this week with women I’ve met online – and 3 ended up in the bedroom. Plus… I can get sex anytime I like – from several different women I’ve met online in the past few months”

Point made.

I felt like an IDIOT.

I had to give this Online Dating thing a try.

How To Meet and Date a Virtually Unlimited Stream of Red-Hot Women (with Zero Fear of Rejection)…

Here’s what happened when I first started online dating…

My friend (the one who suggested I try it) helped me set up a good profile. Then he showed me how to search for the exact kind of girls I like…

…And write them messages that were interesting, attraction-building, funny and attention grabbing.

The result?

After my first 10 days of online dating I’d:

  • Got chatting to 11 hot women
  • 7 gave me their numbers
  • Gone on dates with 4 of them


  • Slept with 2 of them

Pretty good I hear you say.

But that was NOTHING.


Over the next few months I got so good at online-dating that I had to start turning women down.

It was hilarious – and extremely CONFIDENCE building.

I remember one time talking to 15 different women online. Every single one wanted to meet me. But there was no way I could go on dates with that many women.

The shocking truth was that I was turning down the kind of RED-HOT beautiful women most men would cut off an arm to spend even 5 minutes with!

So Does Online Dating Really Work?

Damn right it does!

And here’s the thing…

These days I have 4 long-term girlfriends.

But whenever I want some extra VARIETY – I still jump online. It’s just so quick and easy. Within minutes you can be talking to a couple of gorgeous girls and setting up dates.

And here’s the thing…

Online dating really built my confidence.

And once I got some confidence – I then went out and worked on my game in other areas… including bars and nightclubs, and coffee shops.

Got pretty good at gaming girls in those places too.


ONLINE DATING will always be THE KING for me.

For at least 5 good reasons:

  • It’s super low-pressure (there’s no fear of rejection)
  • You have massive choice (where else can you be talking to several red-hot girls all at once?)
  • Your competition is pretty much non-existent (because most guys are USELESS at online dating)
  • It requires little time (even if you only have 10 minutes, 3 times a week – you can get dates if you do some online dating)

Now let me ask you this?

Would you like me to show you exactly how to SUCCEED with online dating in double quick time?

Well, here’s the great news…

Online Dating Mastery
Online Dating is a great way to meet hot women

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