How a Short, Fat, 57 Year Old Loser Beds Women Half His Age

Posted by Troy Valance
Hot, sexy women

Here’s Exactly How An Out-Of-Shape, Near 60 Year Old Guy Has Sex with Red-Hot Chicks In Their 20’s and 30’s Whenever He Likes

My friend Dave is a self-confessed LOSER.

He’s never done much with his life, hasn’t really got a penny to his name – and until a few years ago… was hopelessly USELESS with women.

Never married.

No kids.

Heck, as far as I’m aware – he’d never had a single long-term girlfriend. Not one.

To be brutally honest…

Dave’s ‘sex-life’ consisted of a massive tube of ‘value lube’ and enough internet porn to last most guys 5 lifetimes.

No joke – he was a ‘porno addict.’

Anyhow, one day I sat down with Dave in a bar and listened to him tell me about how DEPRESSED he was. Because he was sick of the porn and wanted a real woman in his life.

I said:

“Dave, if you go get yourself a decent haircut, shave that ugly beard off and start dressing respectably – I’ll show you how to become ridiculously successful with women”

At first Dave was sceptical.

Can’t say I can blame him…

He was 57 and had never had a girlfriend.

But, underneath the old clothes, wild beard and fat belly – I could see there was a fairly cool, if totally unremarkable, guy.

Anyhow, after a little ‘gentle persuasion’ – Dave went off to clean up his image and then I helped him out…

7 Dates In A Month – and Sex with 3 Different Women…

Hot brunette woman in red thong
Wanna meet red-hot girls like this? Try online dating…

A couple days ago I visited Dave in his little 1 bed apartment.

I walked though the door and noticed a skimpy looking thong on the living room floor.

I looked at Dave and asked whose it was:

“Oh, that’s Sarah’s. She popped over on her lunch break earlier and we ‘did the nasty.’ Twice”

Then Dave proceeded to tell me how he’s had sex with 10 different women – aged between 21 and 39 – in the past 14 days!

Not bad for a financially broke, short, fat, 57 year old guy who not so long ago called himself a LOSER.

Truth is…

Dave’s now a MACHINE with women.

He knows exactly how to get their interest, get their contact details, set up the first date and have them BEGGNG him for sex.

And the crazy thing is…

He enjoys all this success with women – and crazy wild sex – without ever setting foot in a BAR or CLUB!

His sex-life puts that of most young single guys to shame.

Dave’s living the dream.


“Where Does Dave Meet All These Banging Hot 20 and 30-Something Women?”


Listen carefully.

In Dave’s first month of online dating things got off to a fairly slow start…

He went on 7 dates and slept with 3 women.

Not bad for a guy who used to call ‘watching porn’ a sex-life. And not bad for a guy who doesn’t have much going for him.


As I said earlier…

Recently Dave’s enjoyed the sexual pleasures of 10 different women in 14 days. Not one of those girls over the age of 39. (Remember – he’s 57).

My point?

Online Dating is where the party is at.

It can get you a sex-life that puts a rock-stars sexual antics to shame.

But here’s the thing…

Most guys can’t even get a woman to message them back online.

Good News:

You can save yourself months of frustration and failure and enjoy IMMEDIATE success when online dating.


By doing what Dave did…

By reading my Online Dating Mastery program carefully – and then TAKING ACTION.

Online Dating Mastery
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