How To Attract Girls and Make Them Addicted To You

Posted by Troy Valance
Guy who knows how to attract girls

Here Are 3 Things That’ll Make You Magnetically Attractive to Women – plus… The #1 Thing That Makes Women ADDICTED to You In Bed

In this blog post I’m going to talk to you about how to ATTRACT girls. And how to make them sexually addicted to you.

Read on and take notes…

There are really 3 things – 3 ‘personally traits’ – you need to OWN if you want to be magnetically attractive to women.

I’m talking about being the kind of guy who can effortlessly pick-up women everywhere he goes.

Wanna be that kinda guy?


Here’s what you need to do:

  • Be interesting
  • Be funny

Those 3 things will make you UBER-ATTRACTIVE to women and will help you to stand out from all the other guys… cuz most men are NONE of those things.


  • Give her multiple orgasms during intercourse every time

That’ll make ANY woman ADDICTED to you in bed. (And “YES” – you can give any woman multiple intercourse orgasms even if you have an average or small penis and no sexual experience. Everything you need to know is explained in the Sexual Mastery program)

You now know how to attract girls.

It really is all about being interesting, funny, confident and being able to give ‘em mind-blowing pleasure in the bedroom.

Let’s Take A More Detailed Look At These 4 Important Parts of The ‘How To Attract Girls’ Puzzle…

Being Interesting and Funny Is An Irresistible Combination…

Most men are not INTERESTING and FUNNY.

It’s a FACT.

So when you work on being interesting and funny – you really stand out from the crowd. And women find it REFRESHING and EXCITING to talk to you.

How do you become interesting?

  • Find a passion
  • Read books
  • Keep up to date with current affairs
  • Talk about ideas and events (as opposed to gossiping about celebrities like most people do)

How do you become humorous?

  • Watch comedy
  • Read books on comedy

Seriously dude

Become genuinely interesting – and work on your sense of humor – and attracting girls becomes pretty darn easy.

Being Confident Makes Women WET…

Confidence is the reason why women love ‘Bad Boys’ even though Bad Boys treat women like crap.


A lack of confidence is the reason why ‘Nice Guys’ rarely, if ever’ get laid – even though they treat women really well.

Question is:

“How do you become more confident?”

Well, there are many ways to increase your confidence. But here are 3 of my favorites:

  1. Get out there and talk to 3 new women EVERY DAY. This soon makes you realize that most women are pleasant and don’t bite. Which, in turn, gives you confidence
  1. Work on your posture. Chest out, shoulders back and down, stomach in. Walk round like that all day and you feel UNSTOPPABLE
  1. Learn how to be really good in bed. Because when you’re talking to a hot girl and you know – for a FACT – that you can blow her mind in the bedroom it endows you with a level of confidence no amount of money can buy

Multiple Orgasms Cause Her To See You As a ‘Sex-God’…

If being funny, interesting and confident are the keys to ATTRACTING hot girls and getting them to the bedroom…

Being GREAT IN BED is the key to making any woman sexually addicted to you.

What do you need to do to blow a woman’s mind in bed and have her see you as a Sex-God?


Give her multiple orgasms every time. Without rubbing her clitoris.

You gotta learn how to thrust in and out of her and give her penetration orgasms. Few guys ever learn how to do this – but any guy can (including you). This program explains how

Listen, you now know how to attract girls…

  • How To Attract Girls Step #1: Be Interesting
  • How To Attract Girls Step #2: Be Funny
  • How To Attract Girls Step #3: Be Confident
  • How To Attract Girls Step #4: Give Women Multiple Intercourse Orgasms

By the way…

To learn more about how to engage and attract women with interesting, funny conversationcheck out my Conversation Starters program

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Sexual Mastery – because it’ll teach you how to blow a woman’s mind in bed and make her sexually addicted to you (while also arming you with rock-solid confidence).

Sexual Mastery

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Talk soon,



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