How to Avoid ‘The Friend Zone’

Posted by Troy Valance

If You Want Women to See You As ‘Relationship Material’ and Desire to Get PHYSICAL with Them – You Gotta Avoid ‘The Friend Zone’… Here’s What You Need to Know…

Good God I HATE ‘The Friend Zone.’

Several years back, before I had this whole ‘dating thing’ figured out – I remember taking a girl on date number 4.

She was called Claire.

Olive skin, brown eyes, athletic body.


Very very hot.

Anyhow, there I am thinking I’m doing really well because I was taking her out on date 4. Had it all planned…

Pick her up at 7.30pm…

Taxi ride to one of the hottest restaurants in town.

Plenty of good food and Champagne.

Then off to a club.

And then, I’d vividly imagined her coming back to my place so we could, well – you know – ‘get it on.’

In fact, nothing like the scene I just painted actually transpired.

What actually occurred was this…

I turned up at 7.25 (5 minutes early) to pick her up. Expected her to open the door in a sexy dress and high heels.

Instead, she’s wearing a tracksuit, no make-up and her hair’s tied up in a bun.

“Hey, erm, come in Simon”

I did as I was told.

Then she broke it to me…

She thought I was a LOVELY guy. But she just wanted to be friends. She let me come round so she could say it to my face.

After 3 dates – she figured it was the right thing to do.

I look back on that episode and can now LAUGH. But, at the time, it felt bloody awful.

The dreaded ‘Friend Zone.’

And, by the way…

Let’s get clear on one thing…

“Let’s just be friends” is usually a polite way of saying: “Please don’t contact me again!”

It’s only marginally more fun than a kick in the balls.

But enough of my tales of woe from earlier days!

These days I never fall into the trap of the Friend Zone.

Avoid The Friend Zone with These 5 Tips…

#1: Be Careful with Phone Calls

If she doesn’t answer your call – most of the time it’s best to call her again the following day. Don’t call her 17 times in a day.

That’s NEEDY and demonstrates a huge lack of confidence.

#2: As for Text Messages…

Reply 20 minutes after she texts you. No sooner.

And if she doesn’t reply to a text message of yours, never send this message:

“You haven’t replied. Been waiting all day. Please text back”

Excuse me while I’m sick in my shoe!


#3: Be Comfortable When She Touches You

When you’re out on a date with a woman, it’s NATURAL for her to touch you during conversation.

If you act all nervous and pull away when she does this – she’ll lose all SEXUAL ATTRACTION for you.

After all, if you get nervous when she touches your hand or shoulder – how you gonna react when you in bed and NAKED with her?

See my point?


#4: Touch Her

During conversation, you gotta touch her – just like she’ll touch you.

Do it naturally and enjoy it.

Touching the human being you’re talking to is NORMAL.

If you don’t do it – she won’t feel that sexual attraction for you and you run the risk of getting ‘friend zoned.’

#5: Plan The Dates

Don’t say:

“What shall we do tonight?”


“I’ll meet you at that pizza place on 24th Street at 7pm tonight. Dress up and come hungry. See you then blondie ;)”

See the difference?

One’s submissive.

One’s dominant.

Women like – actually, they love – dominant men.

Show her you’re dominant by PLANNING DATES and making it happen.

Hint: when you act dominant on a date, her sexual attraction for you will rise. Because she’ll be thinking: “Hmmm, he’s probably gonna be dominant in bed too” – and therefore, she ain’t gonna ‘friend zone’ you

Honestly, if you want a Master-Class in how to avoid the ‘Friend Zone’ and spark MASSIVE sexual attraction in any woman – I suggest you invest in the program I co-authored with my friend Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong

It’s called ‘Sexual Mastery’ and – if you wanna be dynamite with women – its essential reading.

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Your friend…


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