How to Make Women Chase You

Posted by Troy Valance

Do You Ever Get Sick and Tired of Chasing Women? Want Them to Chase You? Here’s What You Need to Know…

Most men chase WOMEN.

They lack confidence and act all needy.

They hope to get to know the woman better – but sadly the opposite is usually true…

When men chase women, and act all needy – they SCARE them off.

Most women want to be with a man who is strong and dominant. They want their men to have CONFIDENCE.

They want men to protect them and provide for them.

It’s hard-wired into women by evolution.

Can’t fight it.

Most average frustrated chumps make women the PRIZE.

The way they talk about women gives it away. It’s painful and pathetic to listen to:

“She’s out of my league”

“I’d never have a chance with her”

“I wonder when she’ll let me sleep with her”

You’ve heard it, right?

Maybe you’ve said similar things.

I promise you this…

Putting women on a pedestal like that – and making them this crazy big prize that always seem out of reach – is never going to get you dates, sex and relationships.

So what should you do?

The opposite!


Do the opposite…

FACT: Become The Prize… and Women Will Chase You

Right now, I want you to STOP thinking of women as the PRIZE and know that you are the prize.

How do you communicate to women that YOU are ‘the prize?’

Well, you don’t say it to them. That’s for sure.

That’d just be weird.

Instead, you show women that you’re the prize by your actions.

To be clear…

When a woman feels like YOU are THE PRIZE – she’ll see you as something worth FIGHTING for. And she’ll chase you.

No doubt about it.

Here Are 5 Ways to Show Her You’re ‘The Prize’ and Get Her Chasing You…

#1: Don’t return her text messages immediately

Wait at least 20 minutes.

This subtly shows her that you HAVE A LIFE. And aren’t just sitting around all day waiting for her to text you.

#2: Be busy at weekends

Until you sleep with her, don’t allow her to take up your weekend time.

Only ‘date’ her Monday-Thursday.

Make her ‘earn the right’ to your weekend time.

#3: Tease her

When you’re with her, TEASE HER.

Poke fun at her in a playful way. Get her laughing at herself.

Only the best guys can pull this off.

And women LOVE it.

#4: Tell her about your life

Only mention the good stuff.

Not the bad.

Don’t do it in a bragging way.

Just fill her in on the gold, when it’s appropriate to do so.

For instance, if she’s asking about your job – tell her about your recent job promotion and how you get VIP reservations at the top 5 restaurants in town.

But don’t tell her that your boss still makes you prepare his coffee and biscuits 3 times a day.


Good 😉

#5: Dress to impress

Let’s face it – most men dress BADLY.

Ill-fitted, boring clothes – that’s how many guys dress.


You gotta dress like a million dollars.

Doesn’t have to be flash.

Just find your style and PIMP IT.

A well-dressed man definitely communicates VALUE and appears to be a PRIZE worthy of a woman’s time. Combine with great posture to triple the effect!

Of course, to make women see you as the prize – and get them chasing you – you have to put yourself in a position to meet women.

Hands down the easiest way to meet gorgeous women is to get good at online dating.

Anyone who says otherwise is CLUELESS.

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Your friend…



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