How To Date Beautiful Women without Having To Even Try

Posted by Troy Valance
Hot brunette on a date

So, You Wanna Date Beautiful Women? Here’s How It’s Done…

It’s perfectly NATURAL, as a man, to want to date the best-looking women – with banging-hot bodies.

It’s just the way we’re wired…

Red-blooded men want to date drop-dead gorgeous women. Period. Full Stop. The end.

But here’s what’s interesting…

Dating beautiful women – even crazy good looking women (the one’s you might refer to as ‘total 10’s) – is EASY.

Yet the shocking truth is…

Most guys think dating beautiful women is really tough. Heck, most of ‘em think it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

You’ll here guys say things like:

  • “She’s way out of my league” 
  • “You’ve got no chance with her Dude”

And, even things as obvious and in-your-face as:

  • “She is way too good looking for you bro”

And, in way, I’m kinda glad most guys have such LIMITING BELIEFS where HOT women are concerned!

Why am I glad about it?

Cuz it means that 90% of men talk themselves out of achieving any SUCCESS with red-hot girls a long time before ‘a date’ is even on the cards…


You see, most average guys think dating hot women is so unlikely – and so not-for-them – that they don’t even bother trying to APPROACH and get talking to hot women.

And ‘no approach’ = no success

All of which leaves a massive opportunity for guys like me AND YOU to enjoy massive success with the most beautiful women on the planet 😉

Wanna know how it’s done?

Sure you do…

Keep reading and I’ll explain…

The #1 Myth About Dating Red-Hot Women…

Hot couple on a date
Dating hot women is EASY once you know how

Can you guess what it is?

Can you guess what the #1 MYTH is about dating red-hot women?

I promise you this…

90% of guys – at the very least – believe this MYTH to be true.

And this myth – this LIMITING BELIEF – causes guys to think that getting a DATE with a hottie is really tough. So tough, in fact, that they don’t even bother trying!

Here’s the myth…

The myth is that the hottest, best-looking women have A TON of options when it’s comes to ‘dating’ – and get NON-STOP male attention.

I mean, it makes sense, right?

The hottest girls get the most attention and have the most options.

But this is one of those cases where what seems to MAKE SENSE – is actually total HOGWASH.

Allow me to explain…

The very hottest girls – the ones you’d like to DATE and SLEEP WITH, (the 9’s, 10’s and ultra-rare ’11’s’) often get VERY LITTLE male attention.


I must be joking, right?

Er, nope.

I am NOT joking.

I’m being deadly serious.

So let me say it again for you…

The very hottest girls – the ones you’d like to DATE and SLEEP WITH, (the 9’s, 10’s and ultra-rare 11’s) often get VERY LITTLE male attention.

There are 2 major reasons why these amazing looking women often fail to get much attention:

  1. Cuz men think these women have A TON Of options, so they think: “Urgh, I’m not even gonna bother trying with her. She’s no doubt dating some well-built, super-well-hung, crazy attractive dude already”
  1. Her looks INTIMIDATE men. Honestly, many guys are just plain intimidated by super-hot girls. So they don’t even bother trying to talk to them. And when they occassionaly do summon the BALLS to start a conversation – their words dry up and they run out of things to say very quickly (leaving her feeling uncomfortable, awkward and desperate to think of an excuse to get-the-hell-out-of-there!)

So now you know the TRUTH…

That red-hot women usually don’t get that much male attention.

And now I want you to put yourself in a beautiful woman’s shoes for just a second and answer an important question:

“What Would It Take To Get a Date with A Beautiful Woman?”

Think about what you already know about BEAUTIFUL women…

  • They don’t get much male attention
  • They’re good looks intimidate many men

Therefore, crazy as it sounds…

Great looking women are often LONELY and starved of ROMANCE.

They are dying for a hot, sexy, intelligent guy to sweep ‘em off their feet and show them a good time!

Contrary to popular belief…

Beautiful women don’t just wanna go on a string of dates and use a guy for his money…

No, no, no…

Beautiful women wanna GET LAID just like other women. And I know this for FACT cuz I regularly SLEEP WITH banging-hot chicks…

Why settle for anything less? 😉

To get a date with a beautiful woman, you must:

  • Approach her and get her ATTENTION
  • Make her ATTRACTED to you and get her to feel COMFORTABLE in your presence
  • Show her that you’re confident, interesting and funny

Then, you either…

Get her contact details – so you can follow up and arrange a date.

Or, you might take her on an ‘Instant Date’ straight away.

And Instant Date might be where you meet her in a coffee shop and get talking. Then, straight away – you suggest going for a bite to eat at your favorite sandwich shop.

Getting a DATE with a beautiful woman is EASY…

It ain’t rocket-science…

You aren’t trying to find the solution to CANCER.

You just gotta:

  • Man up and be confident
  • Be interesting and funny
  • Approach her and get her attention
  • Make her ATTRACTED to you and comfortable in your presence

Making sense?


Now, let’s talk a bit more about how to do all those things…

A Quick Blueprint For Getting a Date with a Beautiful Woman…

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Here goes…

See the girl you like and approach her

Hot blonde girl
See the girl and approach her IMMEDIATELY

DO NOT mess around trying to think of the perfect thing to say!

There’s no such thing as PERFECT.

Waiting will probably cause you to ‘bottle it’ and not approach her. Or, if you do finally approach her, after minutes or ‘checking her out’ – she’ll likely think you’re a CREEP.

So see her, approach her.

Don’t mess around.

That’s step #1 to getting a date with a beautiful woman.


Start the conversation

Now, the million dollar question is:

“What should you say?”


If you’re in a lift, and a girl gets in wearing skin tight lycra, dripping in sweat – you might smile and say:

“Had a good workout?”

If you’re in a coffee shop and a total hottie sits down at the table next to you, you just turn your head, smile at her and say:

“How’s the coffee?”

See how EASY this is?

Forget about  cheesy ‘chat up lines’ – or creepy ROUTINES.

Just act normal and natural and start a conversation pretty much the same way you would if you were trying to start a conversation with an UGLY chick or a guy.

Notice what’s going on – lycra and sweat, coffee and muffins and so on – and use it to START a conversation.

It works every time

Providing you do it with CONFIDENCE.

Speaking of which…

Be Confident

To get the beautiful woman to want to DATE you – you HAVE TO be confidence.

Confidence let’s her know you’re gonna be good in bed, and puts her at ease when she’s in your presence.

Here are 2 ways to act CONFIDENT around women you’re really attracted to:

  • Don’t speak too fast and don’t talk over her. Have patience, slow down, relax
  • Smile
  • Maintain good posture at all times
  • If she pays you a compliment, say: “Thank You”


Be Interesting and Funny

Listen dude.

Being confident, interesting and funny is the way to any woman’s HEART.

Most guys lack confidence, and they’re BORING, and they don’t have much of a sense of humor.

So bring confidence, interesting conversation and humour to the interactions you share with women and they’ll be all over you.

Women are ATTRACTED to confident, interesting, humorous men like you wouldn’t believe. It’s a HUGE turn on for a woman to meet a guy like this cuz they’re so few and far between.

As a rule of thumb…

End that first interaction with a woman on a HIGH.

Get her phone number when things are going really well – and leave. Leave while she still wants more.

If you have the balls to do that – instead of hanging on till things get BORING – she’ll be dying for you to call her and take her on a DATE.


“How do you get her number?”

Well, here’s one way…

Whip out your phone and say:

“Listen Sarah. It’s been really cool chatting to you, but I’ve gotta dash because I’ve got a ton of stuff to do and not enough hours in the day. But I’d love to carry this conversation on another time. So put your phone number in here (hand her the phone!) and I’ll drop you a text in the next few days”

Then she gives you the phone, with her number in it and you say:

“Great. I’ll be in touch soon. If you’re lucky ;)”

Then you LEAVE.

And she’s just DYING to see you again!

Then, all you need to do is set up that all-important 1st date.

Of course, if you want a master-class in how to set up the 1st date and eventually take things to the bedroom – you should invest in my From Text To Sex program.

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