How To Get A Girlfriend In 5 Simple Steps

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If You’re A Man and You Want a Hot, Sexy Girlfriend – Here’s How to Get One In Double-Quick Time…

Article Overview:

  • An essential part of the ‘How To Get A Girlfriend’ equation is to commit to meeting A LOT of girls. This is doubly true if you wanna find the woman of your dreams – as opposed to settling for ‘2nd best’
  • Get yourself an emotionally healthy and intelligent woman. Because they’re the only ones that are good in bed
  • Learn how to give woman multiple orgasms during intercourse every time. Cuz that’s the only way to get a great girlfriend and keep her interested in you in the long-run (Note: this is the most important of all the ‘How To Get A Girlfriend’ Steps)

Hey man, you’re about to discover how to get a girlfriend using 5 simple, proven steps that really can’t-fail.

Before I share the 5 steps with you, I want you to know this…

I’ve written this blog post to help you find an attractive, intelligent, emotionally healthy woman. A woman you can be PROUD to call your ‘girlfriend.’

If you’re the kind of lazy, weak, needy, insecure guy who’ll just settle for ‘any old girlfriend’ you can get – even if she’s butt ugly and a complete ‘head case’ – please leave this page now.


If you’ve decided you want a FANTASTIC girl – who you’re physically and emotionally ATTRACTED to in a big way – read on carefully. Because you’re about to discover how to get a girlfriend just like that!


Here’s the good stuff my friend:

Revealed: 5 Simple Steps to Getting The Kind of Drop-Dead Gorgeous Girlfriend You Can Be Proud Of…

Note: Read the following steps carefully to discover how to get a girlfriend…

Getting A Girlfriend: Step #1
Commit To Meeting A Lot of Women

Let me tell you something really quite obvious – but really important nonetheless.

Here goes…

To find a GREAT girlfriend – you might have to meet A LOT of women.

Think about this…

If you approach 100 girls:

  • 50 might already be in relationships
  • 15 might be in a bad ‘head space’ and not ready for any kind of physical interactions with a man, let alone a relationships
  • 25 might just not be your type (and that’s ok – you approached her because you found her PHYSICALLY attractive – but then you didn’t find her MENTALLY stimulating once you got talking to her. No harm done. Such is life)

That leaves you with 10 possible options.

See what I mean?

You might have to APPROACH a lot of women to meet the girlfriend of your dreams. You HAVE TO be prepared to do this if you want to get yourself a great girl…

And the truth is – going out there and meeting A TON of women is FUN.

Getting A Girlfriend: Step #2
Put Yourself In Situations Where Meeting Girls Is Possible

Smiling brunette
To get a girlfriend – you gotta go where the girls are!

So you’ve committed to ‘Step 1’ of this 5-part ‘How To Get A Girlfriend’ formula – which is to MEET A LOT OF WOMEN.

That’s great.

Now it’s time to get serious…

Because the next ‘How To Get A Girlfriend’ Step is to TAKE ACTION, put yourself in places where there are A LOT of women, and start approaching them.


You aren’t gonna meet women if you spend every evening locked in your bedroom playing video games.

Nor are you gonna meet women if you keep hanging out in the quietest bar in town, drinking beer with your 2 best mates who haven’t been laid in 5 years between them.

Know what I mean?

To meet a lot of women you need to put yourself in the right places on a regular basis:

  • Bars and clubs
  • Coffee shops
  • The gym

Get it?


Moving on…

Getting A Girlfriend: Step #3
Go On Plenty of Dates

Once you get out into the real world and start approaching women, building attraction and getting phone numbers…

The next step of the ‘How To Get A Girlfriend’ puzzle is to go on plenty of DATES.

I recommend meeting women in a coffee shop or quiet bar on a first date (for reasons I explain in my From Text To Sex program).

Going on dates with many women will give you CONFIDENCE, get you sex – and ultimately, provide you with massive choice.

Which is exactly what you want, right?

If you want a girlfriend – you wanna be able to choose a GREAT girl. You don’t just wanna settle for 2nd best.

Getting A Girlfriend: Step #4
Screen Women for Emotional Health and Intelligence

Hot secretary wearing glasses
FACT: Intelligent, emotionally healthy girls are the best in bed

When you go on dates with women, one of the most important things I want you to do is to screen women for emotional HEALTH and INTELLIGENCE.


Because as tempting as it is to make the girl with the porn-star sounding name, massive fake boobs and Botox lips your girlfriend – if she’s emotionally unstable and has the IQ of a brick wall…

The appeal is gonna rub off FAST and it’s gonna make your life HELL.

And besides, the funny thing is…

Only emotionally healthy, intelligent women can be truly GREAT in BED. So if you want a girlfriend who you can have red-hot love-making sessions with, on a regular basis…

Choose yourself a smart girl!


“How do you screen a woman for emotional health and intelligence?”

Here are some simple ways:

  1. Pay her a compliment. If she says “Thank you” and smiles – that’s a good sign she’s got good self-esteem, confidence and emotional health. If she doesn’t take the compliment well – she’s NEEDY, insecure and you should run-a-mile (no matter how pretty she might be and no matter how much you’d like to see her J-Lo ass naked!)
  2. Can she hold a decent conversation? If she can – that’s a great sign that she’s intelligent. (Look, I’m not suggesting your next girlfriend has to be the female equivalent of Einstein – I’m just helping you to make sure she’s not DUMB and BORING)

Getting A Girlfriend: Step #5
Master Some Key Sexual Skills

What the heck does being GOOD IN BED have to do with an article about ‘How To Get A Girlfriend?’


Here’s why…

Let’s say you start meeting a lot of women…

You go on plenty of dates…

And you take the emotionally healthy, intelligent women you’re really ATTRACTED too to bed.

So far so good.


You don’t know how to SATISFY them in bed.

What happens then?

They don’t return your callsthat’s what!

All that hard work – for NOTHING.

Listen. The truth is that no confident, intelligent woman will settle for a man who is LOUSY (or even average in bed).

The only way to make any high value woman want to be your girlfriend – and have her remain 100% LOYAL to you in the long-run – is to be GREAT in bed.

Here’s The Good News:

Being great in bed doesn’t require you to have a gigantic penis or a huge amount of sexual experience.

Being great in bed is simply about learning how to give women multiple intercourse orgasms every single time. Do that – and you can have any woman you like!

Best way to learn how to give women multiple orgasms during intercourse?


Sexual Mastery
If you want to be VERY good in bed – read this!

Grab yourself a copy of my Sexual Mastery program, read it and TAKE ACTION. Click here for all the details

Of course, you’ll remember that step 1 of this ‘How To Get A Girlfriend’ blueprint was to MEET A LOT of girls.

Online Dating Mastery
Hands down the quickest and easiest way to MEET hot girls!

And the best way to do that is get really good at Online Dating. My Online Dating Mastery program will show you how to do exactly that. Click here to learn more

So there you have it my friend…

You now know how to get a girlfriend

Follow the 5 simple steps in the article, be sure to go through my Online Dating Mastery and Sexual Mastery programs – and  let me know about your success.

Talk soon,

Troy Valance

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