How To Get A Girls Number without Fear of Her Saying “No”

Posted by Troy Valance
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If You Want to Be Successful with Women – You Have to Know How To Get Her Phone Number So You Can Arrange to Meet Her Again…

In this blog post you’re going to discover how to get a girls number in the EASIEST, most rejection-proof way possible.

See, here’s the thing…

Many guys who are trying to be successful with women learn how to approach women…

Then they learn how to engage women with interesting conversation and humour


As they get better at approaching women and being interesting and funny – their CONFIDENCE grows.


All of a sudden many of these guys realize they SUCK at getting the woman’s phone number.

Let’s face it…

If you walk up to a drop-dead gorgeous girl, say “hello” and then have her hanging off your every word for 5 minutes – but then you fail to get her number… you’ll likely NEVER see her again.


All that HARD work for NOTHING.

She could have been ‘the one’ buddy! (Or at least a great fling for the next month or two).

I think you get my point…

This whole ‘getting her phone number thing’ is a pretty big deal.

Let’s get into the details right now…

How To Get a Girls Number – using 3 Proven Techniques that Really Can’t-Fail…

Important Note: These 3 techniques explain how to get a girls number but will only work if you build a reasonable about of ATTRACTION and COMFORT with a girl before you use them.

After all – you have to give her a reason to want to give you her phone number!

Got it?


Then we can begin…

How To Get a Girls Number Technique #1:

The simplest, boldest and most CONFIDENT way to get a girls number is this…

Whip out your mobile phone, type ‘07’ onto the screen – then hand it to her.

She’ll know what to do.

She’ll know to fill in her details.

This techniques works great here in ENGLAND because ALL mobile phone numbers start with ‘07’

When you use this technique the girl will always react one of 3 ways:

  • She’ll enter her phone number into your phone
  • She’ll smile a cheeky smile and then enter her number
  • She’ll say something like: “Wow, you’re confident aren’t you!” Then she’ll enter her phone number

Whatever the case – you get her NUMBER! And you did it without resorting to ASKING for it.

How To Get a Girls Number Technique #2:

The 2nd way to get a girls phone number is equally as bold as the first way.

Here it is…

You pull out your phone and say:

“Listen. It’s been great speaking to you. But I have to dash. So give me your phone number and if you’re lucky – I’ll drop you a text tomorrow”

Then hand her the phone and let her type away.

Again – it’s bold, it’s ballsy and it’s IN HER FACE.

Just the way women like it.

And so much better than:

“Oh, erm, so, er, I was wondering if perhaps, maybe I could, er, have your phone number? No worries if not – I’ll understand if you don’t want to give me it”

See how a woman might prefer my options as opposed to that WEAK, needy nonsense above?

How To Get a Girls Number Technique #3:

This method of getting a girls number is a little different.

Here’s how it works…

Sometimes when you’re talking to a girl and you’ve built a good level of ATTRACTION and COMFORT – she’ll feel brave and bold and she’ll ask you for your number.

That’s great.

Take her phone out of her hand, type it in for her and save your name.

But do not walk away just yet.

See, right there – in the heat of the moment – she is FEELING you. She has every intention of texting or calling you.

But what happens the next day?

Well, she might talk herself out of it.

Worse still, her GIRLFRIENDS (who are often jealous) – might talk her out of it. By persuading her that they have her best interests at heart and are trying to protect her.

So, once you’ve put your number in her phone – say something like this to her:

“Drop me a text right now. Then I’ll have your number too”

This means that the next day – you can text or call her. In other words – you can BE A MAN, you can be the instigator of action, and you can follow up with her.

Never rely on her to follow up with you at this early stage.

Get her number, and be the one who takes action and sets up that all important FIRST DATE.

So there you have it…

You now know how to get a girls number in 3 simple, proven, rejection-proof ways.


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