How To Score with Married Women – 7 Secrets

Posted by Troy Valance
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Ever Wondered If It’s Possible to Have Sex with A Married Woman? Read On and Discover The Shocking Truth…

OK. So having SEX with MARRIED WOMEN is pretty controversial. And if you’re the kind of person who is easily OFFENDED – I suggest you read another, less offensive article on my blog.

However, if you’re a guy – and you’re looking to have some of the best ‘NO STRINGS ATTACHED SEX’ of your life…

Listen carefully:

Married women have AFFAIRS all the time.

Many guys think it’s only MEN who have affairs. They think only men CHEAT.

But let me tell you something…

Women CHEAT all the time. Much more than men.

They’re just much better at not getting caught!

In this blog post I’m gonna share some secrets with you about how to ‘score’ with married women. Ya know – how to sleep with all those women who are BORED SENSELESS of their hubby’s.

Let’s begin by taking a good hard look at…

5 Reasons Why Married Women Are Often Willing to Cheat On Their Husbands…

There are at least 5 powerful reasons why married women – even women who describe themselves as ‘LOYAL’ and ‘FAITHFUL’ – are often willing to CHEAT…

Here are they:

Why Married Women Cheat Reason #1:
The Sex Is Rubbish

Frustrated married woman
Wifey will CHEAT if hubby is USELESS in bed!

This is the ‘biggie’…

The biggest reason of all. The one that makes more women cheat than anything else…





A woman’s sexual needs are much more complex than a man’s. That’s for sure. But make no mistake – a woman’s sexual appetite is at least as strong as a man’s, if not more so.

But, guys will usually settle for ‘any old sex they can get.’

Women, on the other hand, will only be happy with GREAT SEX.

So when hubby repeatedly ‘missing the mark’ – like most men do – and gives his woman LOUSY SEX, sooner or later she’s had enough.

At this point, where she’s lost interest in him – because he’s CLUELESS IN BED – she’s often very ready to cheat. Preferably with guy who knows what he’s doing in bed.

Why Married Women Cheat Reason #2:
They’re Bored and Need Variety

Some women (and some men) just aren’t suited to long-term monogamous relationships. Doesn’t matter how much they LOVE their husband…

And it often doesn’t even matter how good the sex is…

These kind of women will CHEAT because they just have that personality where ONE MAN is NEVER ENOUGH.

Kinda harsh, but true.

Why Married Women Cheat Reason #3:

Of course, many women play the game of ‘Don’t get MAD, get even’ – so when hubby ‘plays away from home’ and has an affair with his secretary – she doesn’t file for divorce…

Instead, she sleeps with hubby’s best friend and makes sure he finds out.


She ‘double teams’ the gardener and the post man.


Well, you get the idea.

Why Married Women Cheat Reason #4:
‘Mr Right’ Just Sweeps Them Off Their Feet

Unless someone is entirely content in their relationship – they can always be SEDUCED.

So, sometimes women cheat because, without really meaning to, ‘Mr Right’ comes along and she just cannot resist him.

He’s just her type…

He says all the right things…

He makes an effort…

And, before you know it – she’s in bed with him ‘giving thanks’ for making her feel young and beautiful again.

Why Married Women Cheat Reason #5:
They Felt Like They Settled Down ‘Too Young’ and Missed Out

Here’s an interesting reason as to why some married women cheat…

They get married YOUNG – in their late teens or early twenties – to a guy they’re ‘in love’ with.

Quite possibly the only guy they’ve ever slept with.

And, for a few months, or years, things are rosy. Things are pretty sweet.


Then it happens…

She gets ‘an itch’ (and “YES” – I do mean an ‘itch’ between her legs)…

She’s at the gym, and she starts to wonder how the big, strong guy doing squats in the corner, would treat her in the bedroom.

She’s at the coffee shop, and the smooth talking Italian guy behind the counter is making her all weak and giddy…

She’s shopping for clothes, and can’t help but wonder how the fit young guy working in the Ladies Wear section would look NAKED.

You get my point?

For this kind of woman…

She feels, whether rightly or wrongly, like she’s MISSED OUT on something by settling down and getting married so young.

Eventually, she acts on her feeling and CHEATS.

Now you know 5 major reasons WHY women cheat – let’s talk about…

7 Secrets to Scoring with Married Women…

How To Score with Married Women – Secret #1:
Go To Wear They Hang Out

Guy chatting up two married women
To sleep with married women – you first have to meet them!

This is the #1 reason why most men FAIL with women – regardless of the kind of women they are trying to sleep with, married or single.

Most men simply do not put themselves in the places where the women they desire to meet hang out.

And if you don’t go where the women you wanna meet are, how can you expect to meet them?

You can’t.

So, if you wanna score with married women, you gotta TAKE ACTION, and go meet them.

Where might married women hang out?

Certain gyms, certain department stores, fancy coffee shops. With a little thought and imagination I’m sure you can think of a few other places too.

Also, don’t be afraid to seek out married women ONLINE. There are dating sites full of married women looking for affairs! Do a ‘Google Search’ and you’ll find ‘em.

How To Score with Married Women – Secret #2:
Discretion Is Key

Look, the truth is that even though a married woman might want to sleep with you – it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to LEAVE her husband. And she likely doesn’t want him to find out.

So, even if you’re so HOT you make her WET every time she thinks about you – she ain’t gonna sleep with you if she thinks you’re gonna tell your mates about it and update all 12 of your social media accounts every time you sleep with her.

See what I’m saying?

You gotta be DISCRETE.

You gotta know how to keep a secret – no matter how bad you wanna tell your best mate.

How To Score with Married Women – Secret #3:
Make Them Feel Beautiful and Sexy

One thing many HUSBANDS fail to do is COMPLIMENT their women.

Sure, when they first met they’d pay her compliments all the time. But as the marriage progresses, he stops making an effort.

Sooner or later she can’t remember the last time anyone called her BEAUTFIUL or SEXY – and she feels less and less feminine.

If you come along and pay her a few sincere compliments – it’ll make her feel beautiful, sexy and feminine again. And, because YOU made her feel that way, it’s YOU she’s gonna wanna ‘get nasty’ with!

How To Score with Married Women – Secret #4:
Be Spontaneous, Unpredictable and Exciting

Marriages usually end up being very PREDICTABLE.

He gets up at the same time every day…

He takes her to the same places every weekend…

He gives her the same lame sex every time…

Everything is PREDICTABLE and BORING. And she hates it. It drives her nuts, and makes her wanna pull her hair out.

If you wanna score with a married woman, be the opposite of her ‘hubby.’ Be spontaneous, be unpredictable, be exciting – particularly in the bedroom. (That way she’ll keep cumming back for more).

How To Score with Married Women – Secret #5:
Never Mention ‘Cheating’ or ‘Having An Affair’

Never ask a married woman to have an affair or to cheat on her husband with you.

Those words and phrases are very NEGATIVE, they’ll make her feel GUILTY, and they might just stop her from ‘getting it on’ with you.

Instead, interact with married women as you would a single woman.

Take her out, make her laugh, make her feel sexy…

Be confident, make her attracted to you…

Then, when you can tell she’s DYING to ‘get physical’ with you – take her to a SEX LOCATION and seal the deal.

No mention of ‘having an affair’ or cheating.

How To Score with Married Women – Secret #6:
Avoid Getting ‘Needy’ and ‘Clingy’

She likes you…

She’s married…

You blow her mind in bed.


She’s been with hubby 27 years, she does LOVE him, they have 3 kids, a house and a business together.

So, just cuz you’re ‘Mr Right Now’ – doesn’t mean she wants to ditch hubby and live happily ever after with you.

She just wants FUN (great sex) – which is something you’re providing.

My point?

Don’t blow a good thing by getting all needy, clingy and wussy around her. If you start telling her you love her, want to be with her and so on – she might just call the whole thing off.

She’s MARRIED remember…

Treat this is a good time, but one that won’t last forever.

How To Score with Married Women – Secret #7:
Be A God In Bed

Guy pleasuring hot woman
Blow her mind in bed and she’ll keep coming back for more…

Of course, to score with married women, the #1 thing you must be is A GOD IN BED.

After all, she can get BAD SEX off hubby anytime she likes!

Be a God IN BED and she won’t be able to resist you…

Blow her mind the first time you sleep with her – and she’ll regularly want to meet you for ‘NO STRINGS ATTACHED SEX.’

Of course, being a God in bed means giving her multiple orgasms every time, and being one heck of a dominant bad ass.

Mastering dirty talk, and working on sexual creativity helps too.


In my ‘Sexual Mastery program’ – co-authored with my friend Master Sex Coach Adam Armstrong – you’ll discover how to do all that and more

Click here for all the details…

Talk soon,



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