How to Sleep with Beautiful Women On The 1st Date

Posted by Troy Valance

Want To Have Sex With Her On The First Date? Here’s The Plan…

Let’s fact facts… this whole ‘dating thing’ is very much about SEX.

If you just wanted to go out with someone for a coffee, a few beers or a pizza – you could do that with your male buddies.

You go on DATES with WOMEN because you have a perfectly NATURAL human urge to have SEX.

It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Yet, for most guys – the dating world is long and hard and rarely gets to the bedroom.

A good friend of mine, Helena, recently told me about a series of dates she’d be on with an accountant.

She said he was smart, funny and well-dressed.

But after date 7 she was just wanting him to ‘make a move.’

To be clear…

She wanted SEX.

But he just kept taking her out to dinner.

The result?

By date 8 she’d lost interest and stopped returning his calls.


Dude missed out. All he needed to do was make a move.

Now, for various reasons I’ll address another time – I actually think the 2nd and 3rd dates are the best ones to have sex with a woman for the first time.

But – sometimes you can make it happen on date 1.

Right now I’ll explain how 😉

5 Things You Have to Do to Make 1st Date Sex a Reality…

#1: Have Your ‘End Location In Mind’

It’s a good idea to know WHERE you’re going to have sex with your date.

Plan this in advance.

Could be your place.

Could be hers.


Just have it in your mind. Then, if things are going really well – and sex is ‘on the cards’ – you’re cool and calm and you feel prepared.

#2: Go To A Variety Of Venues

This is weird but true…

The more VENUES you take a woman to – the longer she’ll feel like she’s known you. And the more comfortable she’ll be with you.

HINT: she needs to feel comfortable with you if she’s going to sleep with you. Attraction alone is not enough.

So if you want ‘1st date sex’ – go to 3 or 4 venues and you’ll make her feel like she’s know you FOREVER.

Then, the sex will simply feel like a logical progression for her.

#3: Touch Her

The more you touch a woman when on a date – the more ATTRACTED she’ll feel towards you. (Presuming you do it in a relaxed, confident way).

Simple ways to touch her are to:

  • Hold her hand as you cross roads
  • Gently touch the small of her back as you guide her through a venue

Of course, you can and should also touch her during conversation…

High 5 her.

Touch her shoulders and arms as you’re talking. Ya know – like people do in everyday conversation with their friends.

As she gets more COMFORTABLE in your presence and the ATTRACTION level rises, touch her in other places.

For instance, if you’re sat in a booth at a bar or restaurant, it can be perfectly natural to touch her thigh as you’re talking to her (just remember to sit NEXT TO HER not opposite her).

#4: Do Not Kiss Her

If you kiss her before you get to your ‘sex location’ – her ‘anti-slut’ defences might come up. Because she’ll know you’re gonna try for sex on the 1st date.

And good girls aren’t supposed to do that.

So, a better plan is to AVOID KISSING HER until you’re at the sex location and can take things all the way to sex.

#5: Take Control and Lead Her

Did you know that women LOVE men who TAKE CONTROL in the bedroom.

You can let her know you’re this kind of guy when you’re on a date.

Here’s what you do…

Instead of saying:

“Where do you wanna go next?”

You get up, take her by the hand, give her a smile and say – come on, we’re leaving.

If she says:

“Where are we going?”

You say:

“Have patience. It’s a surprise. Just follow me”

Then keep holding her hand and take her to the next venue.

Order for her.

Open doors.

Be a MAN.

Women love this.

When you act this way OUTSIDE of the bedroom – it sub-consciously communicates to her that you’re gonna be a man who TAKES CONTROL inside the bedroom too.

And honestly, that’s just too much for many women to resist!

Here’s the deal though…

In order to use the 5 tips for 1st date sex that I’ve just shared with you – you have to have some dates lined up!

We can agree on that, right?

No dates = no sex L

Here’s the great news…

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In the past year alone I’ve been on 37 dates with gorgeous girls. And I met 33 of them ONLINE.

Online dating is no longer weird or for the socially inept.

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Your friend…


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