ATTENTION! - If You Haven't Slept With At Least 3 Hot Chicks This Week Then You MUST Read this letter...

"How Does a Short, Average Looking Guy With a Lisp Steal Other Guys Chicks and Date FOUR BEAUTIFUL Girls At The Same Time.... Without Spending a Dime Or Setting Foot In a Bar?"


pic Personal Message From:
Dating Coach Troy Valance


Hey it's Troy here,

And this is my bathroom...



Yeah I know you're thinking.

Who gives a sh* t, right?

Stay with me until the end and you'll understand why you SHOULD give a sh*t.

But first, I have a question for you:

What do these four SUPER HOT chicks have in common?...

common girls1 common girls2 common girls3 common girls4

Actually, STOP!

Before you answer that question, first answer me this:

  • Are you sick and tired of getting laid way less often than you’d like?
  • Does it feel too much like ‘hard work’ to meet women in bars and nightclubs?
  • Would you like to be able to meet a virtually unlimited number of drop-dead gorgeous women, without having to compete with other guys?
  • Would you like to connect with beautiful women any time, any place, even if you have only 2-3 minutes to spare?
  • Would you like to discover the most ‘rejection-proof’ system on the planet for meeting women, getting their numbers and taking them to the bedroom in 3 dates or less?

Listen up.

If you answered “YES” to one or more of those questions – this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Because it’ll get you more women – and more sex – than you ever thought possible.

If that sounds good to you – read this page very carefully.

Now, let’s get back to our original question:


Have you figured out the connection?

You haven’t?

I'll give you a clue...

meet girls

The connection between all those hot, sexy girls is that I’m DATING them... at the same time.

And I've had SEX with each and every one of them on more occasions that I care to count.

Again I know what you're thinking...


Listen brother, I'd be thinking exactly the same if it wasn't for the fact that it's true.

I say this not to brag (okay, maybe a little)...

It just is what it is.

Allow me to explain…

Total Embarrassment –
Hadn’t Had Sex in Nearly a Year!

In 2010, I was stuck in a dead-end relationship.

I’d been with Claire, my ex, for nearly 4 years. Nice girl - the type you could bring home to your mum.

But the spark had gone.

Long story short – we hadn’t had sex in nearly a year.

Not once.

You know things are bad when you don't even wake up with morning wood.

I’d watched more porn than I care to remember. That was my ‘sex-life’ – a big tube of LUBE and porn sites.

Then, one day 'it' happened...

I snapped and, just like that, I ended the relationship. I figured I couldn’t go on wasting my life and hers – and not getting laid.

It was driving me nuts.

But here’s thing…

Being single again after a four year relationship felt WEIRD. Like totally.

After a few days it hit me:

I had literally no idea how to go out and meet women.

Female colleagues were out of the question (they were either married or butt ugly)...

Bars and clubs were too loud and noisy…

It seemed creepy talking to chicks at the gym…

And the idea of walking up to random women on the street was, quite honestly, TERRIFYING.

I felt hopeless.

But Things Were About to Change...

I had a friend, Josh, who was getting more chicks than he could count.

And here's the kicker: He's was neither rich, good looking or muscular.

He was pasty white with wispy hair that was thinning on top.

Oh, and he still lived at home with his mother.

But even with all these 'obstacles', he was dating beautiful hot girls left, right and centre. And he was doing it without leaving the comfort of his bedroom - using nothing more than his mobile phone and laptop.

He was, of course – online dating.

I decided there and then that I too was going to get me a (fairly large) slice of this online dating pussy pie.

So I spent the next four years learning everything there was to learn about dating. And I don't mean reading a few books and listening to a few MP3s here and there - I mean I literally spent four years living and breathing the stuff.

Suffice to say after years of experimenting and honing my skills, I've become pretty damn good at dating hot girls - even if I do say so myself.


In fact, I met all the girls you’ll see in this letter (and plenty more who didn’t make it
the letter) ONLINE…

Using nothing more than my mobile phone or laptop.

In fact, right now – I have 4 HOT girlfriends.

I’ve gone from no sex – to more sex than I can handle. Well, I just about mange to
it’ – because it’d be rude not to.

Right now let me share a few ‘online dating secrets’…

Hands Down The Quickest and Easiest Way to
Meet Hot, Beautiful Women Who Want SEX -
but Only If You Know The Secrets to Success…

Look, the FACT is most guys who try online dating FAIL miserably.v

Most dudes can’t even get a woman to message them back– let alone get her number, set up a 1st date and take her to the bedroom. Honestly, for most average dudes – online dating is a DISASTER.

You see, picking up women online is super-easy – but only if you know how.

If you don’t know how to do it the right way – your messages will just deleted without being read (just like all the other losers).

See, the truth is that in the past four years I’ve figured out all the secrets to online dating. Secrets that get women contacting YOU and virtually guarantee you an endless stream of dates and sex with more women than you can count.

Here are 3 of the best online dating secrets I’ve figured out:

{Online dating Secrets #1}

Your Profile is King:

Without a killer profile – you’re doomed to failure.

Here’s why:

Firstly, you won’t get any HOT women contacting you.

After all - why would they if your profile SUCKS?

Secondly, even if you could write an amazing message to a chick, the first thing she’s gonna do once she’s read it is check out your profile.

If your profile is lame, boring or cliché - she simply won’t reply.

And who can blame her?

But here’s the great news:

A killer online dating profile will get beautiful women contacting YOU. No joke (and I’ll show you proof in this letter).


If you write a great message to a woman online, and she reads it, likes it and then checks out your profile…

She’ll respond EVERY time. So long as your profile is up to scratch.

Bottom line?

Your online dating profile is your most valuable asset when it comes to ‘picking up chicks on the internet’

{Online dating Secrets #2}

Your Pictures Matter:

Actually, let me re-phrase that:

Your pictures matter A LOT.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look like a Male Super-Model or Brad Pitt.

If you did – I’d be screwed. Big time.


You have to know the kind of pictures that make women want to get to know you vs. the kind of pictures that make them click off your profile faster than a speeding bullet.

Having tested many HUNDREDS of images, I’ve figured out 5 image types that every guy simply has to have in his online dating profile.

And, strangely enough – they’re not what you think.

To be blunt…

Wrong pictures = no pussy.

{Online dating Secrets #3}

Creativity Goes a Long Way:


When I first started online dating I got a few of my female friends to join up.

Why did I do this?

Simply to see what average guys sent to hot women on dating sites.


And let me tell you. They all write mostly the same boring crap!

"Hey babe, you look great"

“Can I have your number?”

“Want to have sex?”

“Your gorgeous – how big are you tits?”

Those are, unbelievably, pretty typical messages most men send online. No wonder they never get any replies.

Do the same and you also won’t be getting any women to meet you or sleep with you.

You have to be CREATIVE – so that you ‘stand out from the crowd’ and give her something to get interested and excited about.


Right now, you’re probably thinking:

“Online dating sounds great, but it sure sounds like hard work”

And if you’re thinking that, I don’t blame you.


The truth is that I’ve condensed and simplified everything I’ve learned in the past 4 years about online dating and turned it into a program that makes meeting women online ‘a total piece of cake.’

It’s called:

online dating mastery

Proven ‘Rejection Proof’ System gets Drop-Dead Gorgeous Girls Desperate to Meet You… Even if Nothing Else You’ve Tried Has Worked Before


Online Dating Mastery is the result of four years of near-obsessive research into what works when trying to pick up chicks online.

I’ve spent a ton of time, money and effort figuring this out.

To give you an idea of just how much ‘time, money and effort’ – consider this:

  • Tested 389 differently profile images
  • Tested 57 different profiles
  • Tested on the 13 biggest online dating sites
  • Tested only on hot, beautiful women

I could go on – but I think you get the point. I’ve spent more time online dating than most men could ever be bothered to do.

What does this mean to you?

Well, it means that I’ve done the HARD work. I’ve made all the MISTAKES – so you don’t have to.

In Online Dating Mastery not only will I teach you how to create a killer profile, I'll show you my ACTUAL profile. The same killer profile I have been using to get a constant stream of dates...

trio with girls

An online dating profile so powerful it’ll have women contacting you, desperate to meet!

In the world of dating – that's virtually unheard of. The man usually always has to make the first move.

But, through many years of trial and error – I’ve discovered the secrets to creating a profile that triggers her “I want this man” mind-set and literally forces her to contact you.

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking for an endless stream of one-night stands… multiple ‘flings’ with gorgeous girls… or that one beautiful woman you wanna settle down with forever….

Online Dating Mastery is a ‘must have’ resource for you.

Proof 'Online Dating Mastery' Is The Quickest
and Easiest Way to Get Drop-Dead Gorgeous
Girls Contacting You, Desperate to Meet...

Below is one of my profiles.

One I've carefully crafted, engineered and used on pretty much every legit dating site out there - with unbelievable success.

One I've carefully littered with ‘trigger’ words, sarcasm and cocky humour designed for one purpose and one purpose only…

To get a response that will ultimately lead to a DATE...



header0 header header2 header3 header4 header5 header6 header7 header8

Here’s Everything You’re Going to Get When You Invest in Online Dating Mastery Today...

When you invest in Online Dating Mastery today, you’re going to get a step-by-step guide to creating a profile so powerful it’ll have the very best women contacting you…

  • Gorgeous young students with tight, amazing bodies...
  • Loyal, sexy women looking for long term relationships...
  • Intelligent, funny, attractive women that can actually hold a conversation...
  • Hot 9's and 10's looking for no strings fun...

I don't know what your 'thing' is but I got it all covered in Online Dating Mastery. It's a proven blueprint for meeting drop-dead gorgeous women as quickly and easily as possible.

You'll be able to download Online Dating Mastery IMMEDIATELY after your payment has been accepted. And don’t have to pay any shipping charges.


You’ll discover:

  • The 5 'must have' photosfor your online dating profile... include all 5 image types and you'll build more social proof and "I want him factor" than a local celebrity
  • The types of photo's you should NEVER use. Make any one of these mistakes and you may as well deactivate your profile now - because you won't be getting a response. Period.
  • What personal information to fill in… should lie about your height? Say you’re looking for love when you’re actually just trying to bang 1,000 women? Describe yourself as ‘athletic’ even though you haven’t seen your penis in the past 3 years? – so many questions... you’ll get ALL the answers
  • What to write so you come across as a successful, interesting, intelligent, adventurous manwhose gonna be great in bed… honestly, get this right and women get WET just reading it (get it wrong and they'll move onto the next guy before you can say “Wait!!!”)


That’s what you get.

In Online Dating Mastery you get EVERYTHING you need to create a killer online dating profile that has amazing women contacting you.

header image

When you invest in the Online Dating Mastery program today – you’ll get 4 FREE Bonuses worth $296.85

You’ll get all 4 bonuses in both pdf eBook AND high quality audio mp3 formats.

One thing’s for sure…

Whether you read or listen to the bonuses – they’ll get you even more success with women!

Here are the bonus details…

Bonus #1: Destroy Your Fear of Approaching Women In 30 Seconds Flatbinder

Trust me when I tell you this…

Every single man on the planet has felt FEAR before approaching a woman they’re ATTRACTED to.

They’ve felt nervous.

They’ve thought:

“Holy crap. What if this goes wrong?”

But here’s the thing…

How is it that some guys act in spite of their fear and find a way to approach women even if they feel nervous? Yet other guys allow their ‘approach anxiety’ to stop them dead in their tracks. And watch the attractive woman pass them by without so much as a “Hello” Well, the truth is that FEAR of APPROACHING women is NATURAL. It’s part of being human. The good news is that you can DESTROY your fear of approaching women in 30 seconds flat using the techniques in this very special bonus…

Here's what you'll discover in this powerful bonus:

  • A ‘Fool-Proof’ way to destroy your approach anxiety in 30 seconds flat- honestly, this little-known, yet devastatingly powerful technique is so effective you’ll kick yourself for not figuring it out YEARS ago!
  • How to confidently meet girls in bars and clubs… coffee shops and restaurants… museums, art galleries and even the gym
  • A 5-step technique that makes you feel calm and confident approaching women and talking to them – instead of nervous and e
  • How to meet women with ZERO fear… no approach anxiety at all (it’s not what you think)

And much much more....

Bonus value: $47

But you get it FREE when you invest in Online Dating Mastery today.

Imagine mastering online dating – and also being able to confidently approach ANY woman you see ‘in the real world’ any time, any place.

Best of both worlds!


Bonus #2: How To Avoid The Dreaded ‘Friend Zone’binder

In this bonus you’ll learn the 7 biggest MISTAKES men make that get them ‘friend-zoned’ by beautiful women

(Hint: avoid these mistakes and you’ll never hear another woman say: “Let’s just be friends” – meaning you’ll get more dates and more SEX!)

Here’s a more detailed look at what you’ll discover:

The true story of how several years ago I spent HUNDREDS of dollars taking a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Swedish Bombshell on 7 dates – only to have her say “Let’s just be friends” right at the point when I thought I was about to ‘get lucky’ (I’m sharing this story so you don’t make the same MISTAKES I did)

Why making a woman’s P______ W__ is the key to not getting ‘friend-zoned’ and precisely how to do it (this is CRUDE and in-your-face advice – but I’m telling you it cuz no-one else has the balls too!)

What it really means when a woman says “Let’s just be friends” (I promise you this – it’s MUCH WORSE than you think)

The 7 deadly mistakes most average guys make that get them ‘Friend-Zoned’ by hot women (and what to do instead - so you never hear another woman say: “Let’s just be friends”)

3 simple, proven ways to become more CONFIDENT with women (and instantly make her feel irresistible attraction towards you)

The #1 thing that gets guys ‘Friend-Zoned’ and how to solve this problem in 3 quick and easy steps (this certainly isn’t what you think)

And so much more…

Bonus #3: How To Be More ‘Bad Boy’ and Less ‘Nice Guy’binder


The truth is…

Bad Boys get more dates and sex in a week than most ‘Nice Guys’ get in 6 months. This bonus explains exactly why - and how YOU can bring out your ‘Inner Bad Boy’ in 5 simple steps.

In this powerful program you’ll discover:

The 5 things Bad Boys do that make women hot, wet and horny (do the same 5 things and you’ll get A LOT more sex – and you’ll have a long line of women queuing up to spend time with you)

Why Nice Guys struggle to get dates and sex (and how to avoid the same ugly fate)

5 shocking things Bad Boys do in the BEDROOM that make even ‘good girls’ completely sexually addicted to them (and how you can do the same – even if you’re an inexperience virgin with a micro-dick)

Plus lots lots more…

Bonus #4: How To Avoid Getting Rejected When You Ask A Woman Outbinder

This proven blueprint will show you how to ask a woman out in a way that makes it virtually impossible for her to say “No” - and has her DRIPPING WET at the thought of seeing you.

Here’s just a sneak-peak at what’s revealed inside:

The 3 WORST MISTAKES men make that cause women to say “NO” when they ask them out on a date (trust me – nobody else will explain these reasons so simply and clearly for you)

2 things you must build with a woman before you ask her out on a date (making sure you do this virtually guarantees that she’ll say “YES” to your offer of a date)

Why it’s not wise to ask a woman out to dinner and what to suggest instead. (follow this simple advice and you’ll be able to get any woman you like to spend time with you)

4 secrets to creating a perfect ‘low pressure 1st date’ that women simply cannot resist saying “YES” to (thank me after you’ve used these secrets – because they’re gonna get you A LOT of company with red-hot women ;)

The perfect times of week to ask a woman out (honestly, this is very WEIRD but works like a charm)

3 ways to make even the most drop-dead gorgeous girls to see YOU as THE PRIZE (warning: once she sees you as the prize she’s gonna fight for your time like her life depended on it! So only use this technique with women you really like)

And a whole lot more.

Remember – these bonuses are worth a combined $296.85 but you get them for FREE when you invest in the Online Dating Mastery program today.

bundle bonuses

What Makes Online Dating Mastery Different to Everything Else Out There?

There are at least 5 good reasons why Online Dating Mastery is different to everything else out there.

Here they are:

Reason #1: It’s Tried-and-Tested and Proven to Work

I’ll be dead-honest with you…

Selling eBooks and downloadable audio and video is the easiest business in the world. These days any old shmuck can set up a website, proclaim himself an expert and start selling crap.

Crap that doesn’t work.

I see it everywhere...

Guys claiming to be 'dating experts' when in fact they've probably have only a couple of dates in their entire lives.

So how is Online Dating Mastery different?


Simple. I'm not a charlatan and because I have little left to prove in the field of 'Dating', this manual is as truthful and as complete as I can make it. I’ve become an Online Dating MASTER by devoting a huge chunk of the last 4 years of my life to it.

I don’t just ‘talk the talk.’

I can ‘walk the walk.’

Take another look at all the beautiful girls I've been with and the crazy screenshots from online dating websites on this letter.

Online Dating Mastery simply works.

It gets hot beautiful women contacting you, desperate to meet.

It’s gets you laid. What more could you ask for?


Reason #2: It’s Created by A Short Chinese Dude

I have a few friends who are RICH and very GOOD-LOOKING.

That’s a pretty lethal combination when you’re trying to pick up chicks. They can just walk into a bar and they get swarmed by more women than you can count.

But I’m not rich, and I’m not very good-looking.

And, much as it pains me to say it - I’m vertically challenged. Or in other words, a short-ass.

Yet, online, none of these things matter – and I get laid more often than the new girl in a brothel.

If it works for me – it’ll work for you, even if you’re not amazingly good looking, tall or rich.


Reason #3: It’s Not About ‘Tricking Women Into Bed’

There are a ton of guys in the ‘pick up community’ and ‘dating world’ who seem to want to teach guys how to TRICK women into bed. 

That’s not what Online Dating Mastery is all about.

If you think it’s cool to trick and manipulate women into having sex with you – please leave this page now.

Online Dating Mastery is about showing off your good points and developing a profile that makes you IRRESISTIBLE to women.

No trickery or underhand tactics required...

Just a simple, proven plan that works every time.

Reason #4: It’s ‘Rejection-Proof’

Many men get laid less frequently than they see snow in the Sahara Dessert because they have crippling APPROACH ANXIETY.

They see a hot woman, but completely ‘bottle it’ before they even get change to say “Hello”


They’re so nervous when they approach the women that they talk absolute crap and she isn’t interested in the slightest.

Online Dating Mastery is 100% rejection proof.

If you have approach anxiety and are scared to death that woman might REJECT you – fear not. Because Online Dating Mastery instantly takes away all those fears and concerns…

Allowing you to interact with beautiful women without feeling pressured or being worried about her telling you to: “F-Off”

Reason #5: It Makes Women Approach YOU

Every other ‘Dating Method’ requires the man to approach the woman.

Bars and clubs…

The Gym…

Coffee shops…

Museums and Art Galleries…


You name it.

In any location in ‘the real world’ – men are expected to APPROACH WOMEN.

Since most men have approach anxiety – that’s not a good combination.

But online, everything changes...

You see, when you create a killer profile following the simple steps I lay out for you in Online Dating Mastery – you’ll find that hot, beautiful women start approaching you.


Who Needs ‘Online Dating Mastery’
and Who Doesn’t?

I don't.

But you do.

However, if you’re already going on more dates than there are days in the week – and you turn down more drop-dead gorgeous girls than you say “YES” to – you might not need Online Dating Mastery.

If you already enjoy as much red-hot SEX as you could ever want - with hot, beautiful women – you might not need Online Dating Mastery.

If you have no problem walking up to women, any time, any place – getting the phone number, setting up the 1st date and taking things to the bedroom… you might not need Online Dating Mastery.


If you have ever suffered from ONE of the following problems – problems that don’t go away on their own and affect at least 97.8% of men - you should probably invest in Online Dating Mastery.


If you are plagued by MORE THAN ONE of the following problems – I strongly recommend you invest in Online Dating Mastery immediately:

  • You don't meet as many women as you'd like
  • You suffer from approach anxiety
  • You’re often unsure of what to say when talking to a woman you’re attracted to
  • You sometimes feel uneasy asking a girl for her phone number
  • You’re not getting laid as often as you’d like
  • Women never seem to approach you
  • You sometimes lack the time to go out and meet women
  • You don’t go on as many dates as you’d like
  • You sometimes describe yourself as ‘sexually frustrated’

Listen up.

You and only you know if Online Dating Mastery is for you.

It’s your call.

One thing’s for sure though:

If you’re not meeting as many women as you’d like – and your sex-life isn’t as ACTIVE as you’d like it to be – Online Dating Mastery will change your life forever

By showing you how to set up a killer online dating profile that has red-hot women contacting you, completely desperate to meet!

So What’s It Gonna Cost to Get a Never-Ending
Stream of Hot Dates?

Not enough.

You might be thinking that the Online Dating Mastery program is gonna cost you something crazy like a few hundred bucks.

And, to be quite frank, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought that.

After all, what’s it worth to you to meet a never-ending stream of beautiful women that can’t wait to hook up and ‘get it on’ in the bedroom?

Black, white, Asian, Hispanic…

Skinny, slim, athletic, curvy…

Shy, confident, naughty, dirty…

This proven system can get you any kinda girl you like.

To be honest, guys have paid me THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to teach them the Online Dating Mastery system. These guys worked with me 1-on-1 and I taught them everything you’re gonna discover in Online Dating Mastery.

One student, Josh, was a virgin.

After a slow start he ‘got up to speed’ and went on 4 dates in 10 days. And yeah, that’s right – he met all 4 women online.

Banged 3 of them too.


Another student, Andy, was 37 and broke up with his wife after 13 years of marriage. At first he didn't have a clue how about how to meet new women... but that all changed when I taught him what you're going to discover Online Dating Mastery.

Long story short...

In 6 months Andy went on dates with 25 attractive, intelligent women. And one of them... Emily, is now his girlfriend (and she's 8 years younger than him).


Some Online Dating Mastery 'Believers'...





Hey man, your book couldn't have come at a better time!

I had my eye on this girl for like 2 weeks and I have to admit, I pretty much did everything you said NOT to do in your manual!

But hey! I managed to save the situation with one of your openers!

Conclusion? Let's put it this way - I'm getting a haircut tomorrow cos this homeboy has himself a date!

Jeff. T

Hi Troy, I just want to say I've tried a lot of dating products before and I have to say that yours is definitely one of the best I've read.

I know I'm not a bad looker and can hold a decent conversation so I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I wasn't getting any responses.

But after reading 'How to Write a Killer Profile' it became abundantly clear the mistakes I was making! I was never on a mission to date lot's of girls but I think that's going to change with all the responses I've been getting!



Hey Troy, I'm not gonna lie. I've pretty much tried every dating program out there and had little to no success whatsoever. I began to wonder if the problem was me! Thank God I came across your manual because it confirmed the problem wasn't me - it was my sh*t profile and lack of bantering skills! You're manual has literally changed my dating life. Now I won't go into detail about how many girls I have slept with because I find that a little crude but let's just say I keep running out of condoms!


Hi Troy, Just wanted to let you know that I got myself 3 DATES in the past week by using parts of your sample profile. Credit is given when credit it due - you really do know your stuff man. Respect.

Soloman. G

This has to be the best book when it comes to understanding women. There were so many mistakes I was making before without even realising it and your bonus was enlightening too - Thank you so much for writing this book

Terrel. S
New York

Many guys paid THOUSANDS of dollars to me so I could teach them the Online Dating Mastery system in person.

But you’re gonna get it for much less.

What do you think you might pay?




Not even close.


Still much too high.






That’s it.

Just under 70 bucks to learn proven secrets that’ll get you all the DATES and SEX you can possibly handle.

Why so cheap?


Because I want to help as many guys as possible. And if I price it too high – it’ll price many guys out. The very guys that probably need this the MOST and I don’t wanna do that.

I know what it’s like to go without dates and sex… not much fun!

I also know what it’s like to have choice, an abundance of dates and a crazy amount of sex.


I want you to have the same ;)

Completely Crazy!
‘Total Success or Your Money-Back Guarantee’…

I kid you not when I tell you that my team have called me CRAZY for offering such a guarantee.

But I’m sticking to it because I know Online Dating Mastery works.

Ready this carefully…

quarantee header

Test drive Online Dating Mastery for a FULL 60 DAYS.

If you don’t get yourself at least 4 different dates with ATTRACTIVE girls within 3 weeks then quite frankly I don't deserve your money.

Simply let me know and I will refund you every cent the same day - no questions asked.

And you can even keep all the bonuses as my way of saying "Thank you” for trying out the product.

Troy Valance

quarantee header

How the heck can I offer such a ridiculous guarantee?

The answer is simple…

Because I know Online Dating Mastery works.


A ‘cant-fail’ system that has red-hot chicks contacting you, desperate to meet.

Heck, if you use the program properly you should have 4 dates with beautiful women by the end of the first week! However, I’ll let you trial it for a full 60 days just to be cool.

A Lifetime of Frustration and Internet Porn – or Complete
Choice in Your Dating Life and As Much SEX As You
Could Possibly Desire?

Right now, you have 2 choices...

You can leave this letter and go back to doing whatever you were doing before.

Perhaps you’ve been ‘date less’ for a while.

Maybe you’re in a relationship with a woman who does nothing for you.

Sexual frustration… approach anxiety… fear of rejection.

All that crap that makes you feel LOUSY and DEPRESSED.

You can have it all.

It’s your call.

If you want it – take it. Be my guest.


You could do the smart, logical thing and invest in Online Dating Mastery.

For just under 70 bucks you’ll discover a proven, ‘rejection-proof’ system that gets drop-dead gorgeous girls contacting you online, desperate to meet.

Forget about bars and clubs, the gym, coffee shops, art galleries and museums…

Too much like HARD WORK.

Online dating is hands down the quickest and easiest way to meet, date and sleep with more beautiful women than you could ever reasonably want.

I don’t care whether you wanna ‘play the field’ and sleep with 500 girls…

Find 3 or 4 long-term girlfriends you can see a couple times a week each…

Or find ‘the one’ – marry her and have kids…

That’s your business.

What I do know is that if you wanna meet women and have CHOICE – and get laid – online dating is something you need to MASTER.

And the Online Dating Mastery program will help you master is faster than anything else.

Is it proven to work? YES

Will it get red-hot beautiful women contacting you? YES

Will you end up going on more dates than ever before? YES

Will you have more hot dirty sex than you’re having right now? YES

Is it backed by my 100% risk-free guarantee? Heck YES.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the “Get Instant Access” button below and you could have your online dating profile up and running in about 15 minutes from now ;)

YES TROY! Rush Me a Copy of Your
Online Dating Mastery Program

Bundle image

I Understand You'll Show Me:

  • How to get hot girls contacting me first
  • How to write a killer dating profile that get's you noticed
  • How to get past her defences
  • The 5 best pictures to use

I know I'm also getting:

  • 4 Special reports + Audio MP3

And that I'm covered by your:

  • 60 day - 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Talk to you soon my friend...


P.S. Online Dating Mastery shows you how to create a killer profile on ANY online dating website. A killer profile that has beautiful women contacting you, desperate to meet.

There is no easier way to meet an abundance of drop-dead gorgeous girls than by online dating.

The Online Dating Mastery program shows you a ‘rejection-proof’ system that guarantees success. No approach anxiety, no noisy bars and clubs, no competition.

The fact that this remarkable system comes with an amazing BONUS, costs less than 10 bucks and is backed by my risk-free guarantee is the ‘icing on the cake.’

You’ll kick yourself if you miss this offer!

P.P.S. How fast can you expect to see results?

Let me put it this way...

Remember the picture of my bathroom at the beginning?

I took that on a Wednesday morning...


Wanna know what happened the next day after using just ONE strategy in the manual?...


Spot the difference?

That's right, a hot 21 year old blonde college student taking her clothes off.

What made the difference?

Online Dating Mastery.

Need I say more?

Grab your copy and see for yourself...

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I Understand You'll Show Me:

  • How to get hot girls contacting me first
  • How to write a killer dating profile that get's you noticed
  • How to get past her defences
  • The 5 best pictures to use

I know I'm also getting:

  • 4 Special reports + Audio MP3

And that I'm covered by your:

  • 60 day - 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Q: Will the Online Dating Mastery program work for me if I’m old, fat and ugly?

Yes it will.

Here’s the thing…

Men are much more into ‘looks’ than women.

Women are more bothered about the fact that a man takes care of himself and makes the most of what he’s got.

Using the 5 proven photo types in the program – you’ll be able to attract hot, young beautiful women – even if you are a bit on the ‘old side’ and your looks have seen better days.

Q: Will I be able to meet really hot women using this system?

They’re the only kind of women I’m interested in my friend.

Check this letter for proof.

I’ve bedded every single girl on this page. Multiple times.

Using Online Dating Mastery you’ll be able to bag yourself the most attractive women possible – with great body’s and super pretty faces.

Exactly what you want, right?

Q: I’ve tried online dating before with no success. Why should I trust your system?

Listen up.

Every man and his Dog has TRIED online dating these days.

But here’s the truth…

There’s no QUICKER and EASIER way to pull a virtually endless supply of drop-dead gorgeous women than by using online dating.

But it’ll only work if you have the right system. If you have the correct method.

I’ve spent 4 years perfecting the Online Dating Mastery System…

All you have to do is put it into action and you’ll get red-hot beautiful women contacting you, desperate to meet.

Q: Does Online Dating Mastery come with a guarantee?

Yes it does.

Try it for 60 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied, ask for a refund and you’ll get every cent back.

And I’ll even let you keep the BONUS.

Can’t say fairer than that!

Totally RISK-FREE.

You’d be silly not to try it.

Q: Is this system for ‘Pick-Up Artists’ or guys looking for ‘the one?’


Online Dating Mastery will work if:

- You want to ‘play the field’ and bed a virtually never-ending chain of gorgeous chicks

- You want to find 2, 3 or 4 girls who’ll be your multiple long term girlfriends (my personal preference)

- You want to find that one special woman to settle down with forever

Q: I have very little time to spend ‘chasing women.’ Will Online Dating Mastery still work for me?

This is one of the huge benefits of the system.

You can meet women any time, any place using the Online Dating Mastery method.

All you need is a mobile phone or laptop and you’re good to go.

If you have 2-3 minutes – that’s enough!

Q: Do I have to pay for online dating websites?

Some you do.

Some you don’t.

My favourite online dating website (the one where I met over HALF the girls on this page) is totally FREE.

In Online Dating Mastery I’ll show you how to dominate on that particular website =)

Q: I’m not a big reader – will it take me long to read Online Dating Mastery?

Look. The truth is that I’ve included EVERYTHING you need to know to get beautiful women contacting you online, desperate to meet.

I’ve certainly ‘over-delivered.’

For $67 it’s a STEAL.

I’ve kept the words to a minimum, without leaving anything you must know out.

I’d say it’ll take you about 30 minutes to read, max.

So, realistically,35 minutes from now you could be set up, online, on the best dating websites, meeting women who want to get to know you.

All you have to do is TAKE ACTION and make it happen by clicking “Get Instant Access” below…

YES TROY! Rush Me a Copy of Your
Online Dating Mastery Program

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I Understand You'll Show Me:

  • How to get hot girls contacting me first
  • How to write a killer dating profile that get's you noticed
  • How to get past her defences
  • The 5 best pictures to use

I know I'm also getting:

  • 4 Special reports + Audio MP3

And that I'm covered by your:

  • 60 day - 100% satisfaction guarantee
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