The Do’s and Don’ts Of Dating A Younger Girl

Posted by Troy Valance

Like a girl, but she happens to be a few years younger? Then follow these rules…

Attracting younger women isn’t the same as attracting a women your age or older – the rules change completely.

Younger women are generally more aloof and lose interest FAST, so if you want a twenty-something hanging on to your arms, you need to have a tight game down.

This is a skill that the average guy will never master in his lifetime – which is why few men can attract young women – especially after they pass the age of 40.

But all is not lost because it’s a skill that can be learned… and quickly too IF you follow my instructions…

#1 Understand Her Needs

No matter what culture or age group they belong to, all people (men and women alike) are driven by the same emotional needs: safety, variety and significance.

However, when women are younger, they tend to value different needs than they do as they get older.

It’s the same with you. What was so important to you in your early twenties probably doesn’t hold the same appeal to you now.

It’s the same with me. Maintaining washboard abs at my age now doesn’t make as much sense as it once did when I was in college.

It’s the same with younger women.

You see, young women have less ‘life experience’ under their belts – which in turn makes them more adventurous… more daring… more spontaneous.

This means that they value variety and significance over safety and security – significance being the top need (as for most people).

The difference with younger women is that their sense of significance is drawn mostly from their sense of independence, which is why they find men who are needy or clingy a HUGE turn-off.

Let’s first clear up a few myths…

If you want to keep a young woman interested in you, you don’t have to be interesting or rich or even good looking (although it wouldn’t hurt).

Instead, keeping her interest has more to do with her needs than it does with your personality.

So how can you appeal to her needs for significance and variety and keep her interest?…

#2 Keep Her Guessing

Etch this rule in your memory bank: predictable equals boring.

Why do you think women are attracted to BAD BOYS? Well, there are many reasons but on the top of the list is that bad boys are NOT boring.

Does that mean you have to be on the wrong side of the tracks and start stealing cars?


But it does mean you have to be UNPREDICTABLE in your communication, in your behaviours and in your level of ‘interest’ in her.

Young women know have this game to a tee – to keep us men on our toes – and it can work just as well for us.

You know that feeling when she keeps you guessing? Drives you WILD doesn’t it?

Do the same in your interactions with her, and she’ll stay interested – even if it’s just for the challenge.

This will fulfil her NEED for variety.

#3 Ditch The Neediness

Confidence is the NUMBER ONE trait that attracts women. Period.

A man with high SELF-CONFIDENCE is not needy.

He feels good about his life and doesn’t give a shit about the opinions of other.

This doesn’t mean that he’s selfish, callous or obnoxious – it just means he doesn’t require anything or anyone to validate him.

shutterstock_247296826Neediness is as attractive as your butt-hole.

When you are needy, you are saying, “I am not worthy of you but please like me” It reeks of low self-confidence.

Do you really think she’s gonna want to date you?

Hell no.

Why on earth would she want a man who doesn’t even feel he is worthy of himself? It’s depressing and exhausting for her.

Moreover, young women see this as a threat to their independence and their sense of personal significance.

Not to mention that it LOVERS your social value and puts her in a position of power (nothing is less attractive than a man who is overpowered by a woman).

The best way to get rid of neediness is to do TWO things:

1) Have Your Own Life

Go out there and do things which have NOTHING to do with her and commit yourself to them – hobbies, your work, or some other kind of ambition.

Women love men with a PURPOSE in life.

This will show her that you are a man of value and a prize to be won.

2) Have an Abundance Mindset

Thinking that you must have HER’ or that she’s ‘THE ONE’ can destroy your self-confidence. If she loses interest in you (or if you even suspect that she is), she’ll smell the neediness on you like a shark smells blood.

shutterstock_302679401As I have already explained – women are REPULSED by neediness because it communicates weakness and suggest that you don’t have the strength to fulfil their need for safety.

So no matter how bad you want this woman, remember that wanting and needing are very different.

If things don’t work out with her, another woman will come along.

If you truly believe this (and you must), the easier it will be for you to keep any woman’s interest – young or not.

Till next time my friend,


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