The Top 3 ‘First Date Venues’ and Why Women Love Them

Posted by Troy Valance
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Here Are 3 Great Places to Take a Girl On A FIRST DATE. And Guess What? They’re Probably Not What You Think…

BIG QUESTION: “Where should you take a beautiful woman on a first date?”

Oh. I know!…

I got it!…

You should take her out for a FANCY 5-course meal at the very best – and most EXPENSIVE – restaurant in town, right?

And you should pay for it all, shouldn’t you? (After all, you’re the guy. And that’s why guys are supposed to do… pay for women).

Yeah, that sounds GREAT.

LOTS of food…

LOTS of alcohol…

LOTS of time to talk between courses…

LOTS of money spent!

Perfect date, right?




If you were reading that, nodding your head in agreement – then I’m afraid you’ve ‘bought into’ the ‘FANCY RESTAURANT DINNER 1st DATE MYTH’ just like virtually every other guy on the planet.

So don’t feel too bad, cuz you’re hardly alone.

However, if you want REAL SUCCESS with women – including 2nd dates, 3rd dates, and SEX – read on carefully because I’m about to show you why:

  • The ‘Fancy Restaurant First Date’ is a BAD IDEA


  • The very best places to take a woman on a first date (they’re NOT what you think)

How To Blow Your Chances with A Woman Before You’ve Even Spent 30 Minutes with Her! (90% of Guys Make This MISTAKE with Women All The Time)…

Asking a woman out for a fancy dinner on date ‘1’ is a really BAD thing to do – and greatly increases your chances of her saying “NO” to your date offer.

Here’s why…

When you ask a woman out to dinner at an upmarket restaurant for a first date, these are some of the things that likely go through her head:

“Oh My God. What should I wear?”

“Holy crap. I have NOTHING to wear!”

“What if the conversation dries up. That’s gonna be so awkward.”

“What if he’s boring and we don’t get on. That’s gonna be so irritating. To have to sit there and be polite for hours.”

“What if there’s nothing I like on the menu. That’s gonna suck.”

See what I’m showing you here?

This is GOLD.

So pay attention.

Most guys don’t know these SECRETS.

What I’ve just shown you is what goes through a woman’s mind when you ask her out to dinner on a FIRST DATE…

A million-and-one- reasons to say “NO”

I’m being deadly serious here bro.

Ask her out to dinner and often times she’ll just find it easier to say “NO” – and go meet her girlfriends instead.



You blew it.

The #1 rule of setting up a great first date with a woman is to make it EASY for her to say “YES.”

And asking her out for a long-winded, fancy-schmancy dinner doesn’t make it easy for her to say “YES.” It gives her many reasons to say “NO.”

Save your cash and meet her elsewhere. (And save the dinner dates for after you’ve SLEPT with her at least once!)

OK. So dinner is off the cards on ‘date 1.’

How About The Cinema?




You’re not 14 are you? (If you are – get off my blog. It’s too ‘adult’ for you).

Honestly, the cinema?

It’s a bad idea for a couple strong reasons…

First off, it’s AWKWARD.

Going to the cinema with someone on a FIRST DATE is WEIRD. Most women will not feel comfortable with it.

Secondly, it gives you no chance to TALK TO HER and get to know her. This is a big MISTAKE on date 1.

How is she gonna go to bed with you if she doesn’t know anything about you?

And how is she gonna get to know anything about you if the pair of you are just sat there watching a film?

She isn’t.

So, even if you get a woman to agree to the cinema on a first date – it likely won’t work out that well.

Man, I’ve just killed most guys idea of a great first date…


But what the heck… I’m here to help you, not hide the truth.

The 5 Secret Ingredients for A Perfect First Date that Any Woman Will Love…

Now that we’ve discussed where you SHOULDN’T take a woman on a 1st date – let’s take a look at the 5 things that make a great first date from a woman’s point of view…

#1. Get Her To Meet You (Do Not Offer to ‘Take Her’ Anywhere)

When it comes to DATING women, most men think in terms of ‘taking the woman somewhere.’

Once you’re SLEEPING WITH HER – that’s great. You should take her places.

It can even work on date ‘2’ or ‘3’ as well.

But, on the first date – make her MEET YOU somewhere. I say this for 2 main reasons…

  • Making her meet you somewhere increases your value in her eyes. If you’re too willing to pick her up and take her places straight away – she’ll just see you as another LOSER who is too easy, and willing to do anything for her. But, when you make her meet you somewhere, she sub-consciously starts to think: “Wow, I’m putting in effort to meet this guy. He must be worth it.”
  • It puts her at ease. She doesn’t have to see through some long cab ride or car journey with you. And, that’s a good thing – because she doesn’t yet know if you and her are gonna ‘hit it off.’ Getting her meet you somewhere takes the pressure off

#2. Make It Easy for Her To Say “YES”

When setting up a FIRST DATE with a woman, make it easy for her to say “YES”

I already showed you, earlier in this blog post, why asking her out to DINNER – or worse, a MOVIE – makes it easy for her to say “NO”

If you want as many dates as possible – make it EASY for girls to accept your invitation.

Point 3 really explains HOW you do that…

#3. Keep It Low Pressure

For a girl to say “YES” to your offer of a first date, keep it LOWER PRESSURE.

How do you do that?

Well, for starters, don’t call it a DATE!!!


Cuz the word ‘date’ is loaded with PRESSURE.

Just TELL HER (a dominant man doesn’t ASK!) to meet you for a quick coffee. Or a quick drink.

See the difference?

A LONG first DATE is a high pressure situation from a woman’s point of view – and will greatly increase the chances of her turning you down.

A QUICK first date, that you don’t call a ‘date’ – is much LOWER pressure, and massively increases the chances that she’ll say “YES”

I know this isn’t mainstream advice – but trust me, it works. I’ve dated more women than most guys have had hot dinners 😉

#4. Monday to Thursday

When meeting a woman for the first date – do it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Why not the weekend?

Cuz if you have that much FREE TIME on your hands on the weekend – you come across as a LOSER with no life.

Save ‘weekend dates’ for when you’re sleeping with her.

Before that – stick to weekdays.

#5. Make Yourself ‘Not Very Available’

If you asked a buddy out to play some pool – or to drink a few beers – and he said:

“Sure Bob. I’d love to. I can do any evening you like this week. I’ve got no plans. Just sat at home twiddling my thumbs and watching TV. So getting out the house sounds GREAT”

What would you think to that?


No life?


Well, if you suggest meeting a girl and you tell her you can do ANY evening this week, any time she likes…

She’ll think the same about you!


Not what you want bro.

Here’s a better way…

If you’re texting her, you might say:

“OK Charlotte. Let’s meet next week for a quick drink. I’m pretty busy, but can do Monday night at 8pm, or Wednesday lunch time at 12 noon. Which do you prefer?”

See how that works?

You’re making yourself seem BUSY, while giving her just 2 simple options (never give a girl more than 2 options – cuz most can’t make up their minds about anything!)

Note: when a woman knows you’re BUSY, she thinks you have A LIFE. When you have ‘a life’ – she’s more likely to want to meet you for that first date.

Right now, let’s move on and discuss…

The Absolute Best First Date Venues…

There are 3. Tried-and-tested – proven to work.

Here they are…

#1. The Coffee Shop

Doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a lunch time ‘date’ or an evening ‘date’ – the coffee shop is great.


A few reasons:

  • Its low pressure… she doesn’t have to worry too much about WHAT TO WEAR. It’s easy for her to leave if you two don’t ‘hit it off.’
  • Ordering is easy… coffee, tea, water, muffins, smoothies, croissants. You get the idea. There’s something for everyone in a coffee shop
  • Most people like coffee shops and feel comfortable being there. They’re a huge part of our everyday lives in modern western society
  • If you arrange to meet at a coffee shop where you regularly go – and the staff and other ‘regulars’ know you – you’ll have HUGE SOCIAL PROOF when you meet the woman, and she’ll think you’re some kind of ‘local celebrity’ (or at least a very cool, very likable, very sociable guy. After all, why else would everyone in the coffee shop be high 5’ing you and saying “Hi”?)

#2. The Quiet Wine Bar

Notice I say QUIET wine bar.

You don’t wanna be competing with really LOUD MUSIC when you’re trying to talk to your date.

Choose a quiet wine bar and it is a great first date choice for pretty much the EXACT SAME reasons as the coffee shop…

Low pressure…

Easy to order

Most people feel comfortable in bars…

Big social proof (if you go to a wine bar where you know the staff and regulars).

Make sense?


Then let’s move on…

#3. A Quick Bite To Eat

Do not confuse ‘a quick bite to eat’ with a long, fancy 5 course ‘dinner date.’

Here’s how the ‘quick bite to eat’ first date works…

“Hey, listen, Sarah. I’d love to meet on Thursday lunchtime at 12.30, but I’ll only have 30 minutes before I get back to work. And I’ll be STARVING. So, if you don’t mind watching me stuff my face with my favorite [insert food] from [insert place to eat] – that’d be great. Meet me there on Thurs at 12.30”

Get it?

QUICK bite to eat.

Nowhere fancy.

Showing her how BUSY you are.

Making her fit in with your schedule.

These are all techniques that make a woman more ATTRACTED to you. And the more ATTRACTION there is – the sooner the SEX is gonna happen!

Right now, you’re probably thinking this all sounds great.

After all – going on dates with HOT girls is great.

Question is…

Where should you MEET the girls in the first place?


My new program – Troy Valance’s Secret Seduction System – explains it all. If you wanna meet a near never-ending stream of beautiful girls that all wanna ‘date you’ – check it out by clicking here


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