What It Really Means When She Says “Let’s Just Be Friends”

Posted by Troy Valance
Hot girl just wants to be friends

Here’s What Women Actually Mean When They Say ‘Let’s Just Be Friends’ – Plus… 3 Important Tips that’ll Help You Avoid The Dreaded ‘Friend Zone’

“Let’s just be friends”


What a kick in the balls!

No man likes to hear those words coming out of a woman’s mouth. Not if they’re directed at him anyway.

I think most men are in denial about what women really mean when they say “Let’s just be friends”

So, right here, right now – I’m gonna be BRUTAL.

I’m gonna share some TOUGH LOVE with you.

If you have the balls to read it – from start to finish – it’ll make you a better man…

It’ll get you more girls… and it’ll ensure you never hear those DREADED words – “Let’s just be friends” – ever again.

Pay attention to what follows:

“Let’s Just Be Friends” Is Like a Secret Code…

I’m not joking.

100% serious.

“Let’s just be friends” is a secret code.

Though not a very difficult one to figure out!

You see, girls know that most men have very FRAGILE EGOS and cannot handle the truth where women are concerned.

And, since most women are not heartless bitches – they don’t go out of their way to HURT guys.

So, when they are no longer interested in dating a guy, they’ll often say:

“Let’s just be friends”

This is a woman’s way of getting out of seeing this guy anymore, in the NICEST way possible – without hurting his feelings.

But, 9 times out of 10 – she does not actually mean that she wants to be friends!

Here is what she means:

I’m not interested in this guy anymore. He isn’t a SEXUAL threat.

He’s not giving me butterflies in my stomach…

I’m not feeling love-sick when he’s not around…

He’s not setting my panties on fire in the bedroom.

And, honestly…

“Let’s just be friends” can often also mean:

She’s met someone else!

But let’s not dwell on the BAD STUFF.

At least you now know what it really means when you get ‘friend zoned.’

Now let’s discuss…

3 Important Tips That’ll Help You Avoid The Dreaded ‘Friend Zone’…

Here are 3 powerful ways to avoid the ‘friend zone’…

  1. Have Sex Sooner Rather Than Later

If you start dating a woman and you leave it too long before HAVING SEX – it can start to feel awkward.

After all – if there’s massive attraction, why hasn’t the sex happened already?

Trust me – that’s what she’s thinking!

And remember…

You’re the guy – so she expects YOU to instigate the sex and make it happen.

That’s why I always say…

Get her to the bedroom no later than date number 3.

Remember that Stud!

  1. Be Good In Bed

You get her to the bedroom.

That’s great.

But then you gave her LOUSY sex.

You couldn’t find her clitoris and you never made her cum.


That’s a great way to get ‘friend zoned.’

Hint: Women love sex, but only when it’s REALLY good.


IMPORTANT: Read my Sexual Mastery program if you wanna make sure your ‘sexual skills’ are up to scratch.


  1. Get A Life

Woman meets guy.

Guy is interesting, funny and confident.

Guy takes woman to bed.

Sex is great.

She’s in HEAVEN.

Thinks she’s found her dream guy.


A few weeks later she realizes he’s broke, hasn’t got a job, isn’t motivated, doesn’t go out much and spends most days playing video games, watching TV and suffering the internet for ‘adult movies.’

That’ll turn any woman off FASTER than a speeding bullet.

Sure, many women will happily have a sexual fling with a guy who is funny, interesting, confident and great in bed – but doesn’t have anything else to offer.

However, in the long-run – no high quality woman is gonna date a guy who hasn’t ‘got a life.’

Having a life makes you ATTRACTIVE to women.

That’s for sure.

Now that you know how to AVOID the dreaded ‘friend zone’ – you should feel confident about going on dates and sharing fun times with beautiful women.

Of course, you still need to know where to meet those women in the first place…

And the simplest way to do it is by getting good at online dating.

In my Online Dating Mastery program I’ll show you how to create a killer profile that has 9’s and 10’s contacting YOU – eager to get to know you.

And the great thing is…

It’ll work even if nothing else you’ve ever tried has worked before. Even if you’ve sent 1,000 messages to women online and never had a single reply!

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