3 First Date Mistakes that Make Women Run a Mile

Posted by Troy Valance

Avoid These 3 Deadly Mistakes Many Guys Make On 1st Dates and You’ll Have A LOT More Success with Women…

The first date with a woman is very important.

Think about it…

It’s the first time you and that woman get to spend together. And initial impressions count.

Trouble is – many guys SCREW UP the first date by making silly mistakes that are easily avoidable.

Right now, let me share 3 of the most common and silly 1st date mistakes that make women run a mile (and guarantee the 2nd date never happens!)

Avoid them at all costs…

1st Date Mistake #1: Getting All Religious and/or Political

Look, it’s a FACT:

Nobody likes having their BELIEFS challenged.

Especially their religious and political beliefs.

And, chances are, you and your ‘date’ might differ a little in your religious and political beliefs.

But so what?

You might have a million other things in common and she could end up being the woman of your dreams.

But you’ll never get that far with her if you SCREW UP by getting into some crazy deep religious or political conversation while enjoying your first hot chocolate together.

So don’t do it…

Don’t talk about RELIGION or POLITICS on date 1. It’s just a ‘no go’ zone.

1st Date Mistake #2: Talking to Her Tits

So this mistake is really dumb.Yet guys do it all the time.They just can’t help themselves.

The woman turns up to the date with a little cleavage on show – and Mr Horny Douche Bag spends all night talking to her titties, instead of her face.

The result?

She feels objectified.


She never wants to see him again.

Look, here’s the very blunt truth…

They’ll be plenty of time to PLAY WITH her BREASTS if you make the first date a success. Listen to her when she’s speaking to you and spend most of your time looking at her FACE, not her BOOBS.

Got it?

Good 😉

1st Date Mistake #3: Agreeing with Everything She Says

This is a mistake David DeAnusHole might call being WUSSY.

Agreeing with EVERYTHING your date says is not only unrealistic, it’s also:

  • Needy
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Unattractive


It’ll make her run a mile.

I’m not saying you should DISAGREE with everything she says. That’d be a bad move.

Just be true to yourself.


Agree, disagree – tell it like it is.

Women like REAL men who have their own beliefs and values.

Be that guy.

Neither ‘Mr Wuss’ nor ‘Mr Disagreeable’ get many 2nd dates (or much sex)

Listen up.

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