Why Social Proof Makes Meeting and Dating Girls Easy

Posted by Troy Valance
social proof with 2 girls

Social Proof Is One of The BIG KEYS to Being Successful with Women… Here’s Why It Works, and How You Can Get More of It…

FACT: if you want SUCCESS with women – and I’m talking quick and easy success – you need a good deal of ‘social proof.’

In this blog post I’m gonna show you why it’s 10X as easy to interact successfully with hot women if you have social proof

And, then I’m gonna show you how to get it.

Sound like a plan?


Then let’s get into it…

People Want What Other People Have…

Here’s a simple truth about human beings…

People WANT what other people have.

That’s why many people are JEALOUS of rich people… cuz rich people have the kind of wealth and income average earners wished they had.

It’s also why guys get jealous when they see a guy driving a Ferrari or Lambo – cuz they wish it was them in the driver’s seat.

It’s why women envy the girls with designer shoes and handbags – because they wish it was them looking like they just stepped off the catwalk, and not that “tall, beautiful skinny bitch with legs up to her armpits”

Right now, you’re probably wondering what all this has got to do with you getting more DATES and more SEX?

The answer is…


Follow closely and I’ll explain why…

When it comes to ‘the dating game’ – this idea that ‘people want what other people have’ is especially true…

WOMEN definitely want MEN who other women have.

It’s why girls often sleep with their best girlfriend’s guy.

To put it simply…

If women think you’re IN DEMAND and WANTED by other women – they will be 10X as into you.


You could have an identical twin brother…

Same height, same body, same face, same EVERYTHING.


If one of you had a ton of social proof – and the other didn’t – it’d be the one with social proof that got laid day and night.

Yeah, this ‘social proof’ thing is a really big deal.

And, it’s not just about GIRLS WANTING YOU.

You can get social proof in other ways.

Read on, and I’ll show you how it’s done…

5 Proven Ways to Get A Ton of ‘Social Proof’ – Use Them to Make Getting Phone Numbers, Dates – and Sex – a Total ‘Piece of Cake’…

How To Get More ‘Social Proof’ In Nightclubs:

Girl on bathroom sink
More ‘Social Proof’ = More SEX (quite possibly in the night club toilets)

OK. So we gotta talk about NIGHTCLUBS first – because that’s where most guys go to pick up chicks.

Though I must admit…

Nightclubs aren’t my favorite venue to meet women (for reasons I’ll dig into another time). For the record – I prefer ‘day game’ and online dating.

Anyhow, how do you get social proof in a nightclub?

Well, it’s really quite easy, and there are several key ways you can do it. All of which will make women in the club pay attention to you, and be receptive to you when you APPROCH them.

First off, go to nightclubs with women.

You’ve heard of having a WING MAN, right?

Get yourself a Wing WOMAN.

I’ve used this technique myself and it’s just so easy to get talking to women when you already have an attractive girl on your arm.

You see, when other women see you with a woman, they think:

“Now there’s a guy who women want. He’s already got a hot girl, he must be worth knowing”

Weird perhaps…

But that’s the way it works bro.

Another way to get INSTANT social proof in nightclubs is to make your FIRST APPROACH as soon as you set foot in the club.

Let’s assume you enter the club with 3 of your best mates (all guys).

If you just go to the bar and stand around drinking beer for an hour – like most guys do – then, you just look like yet another beer drinking average dude.

And no woman will even notice you (unless you happen to look like Brad Pitt).

In contrast, if you walk into that club super-CONFIDENT – and immediately get talking to a girl (or group of girls)… then all the other girls in the club will notice you and think:

“Who is that guy? I need to talk to him”

That’s ‘social proof’

And “YES” – it makes women want you, even before you’ve said a single word to them. Even before you’ve made eye contact.

How To Get More ‘Social Proof’ When Online Dating:

Is it possible to build ‘social proof’ when online dating?

You bet it is.

And it’s really easy to do.

I’ll share one of my best techniques with you right now… pay attention:

When selecting your IMAGES for your online dating profile – be sure to include at least 2 images of you with other people.

One image where you’re with a group of hot girls.

One image when you’re with a group of your guy mates, doing ‘manly’ stuff (some kind of sport works well).

This shows any girl who looks at your profile that:

  • Girls like you
  • Guys like you
  • You’re into MANLY stuff

All good ‘social proof’ – and much better than having 4 or 5 pictures that are all just you, on your own.

For more help with online dating – click here

How To Get More ‘Social Proof’ When Sending a Text Message or Email:

There’s a real simple way to build ‘social proof’ when sending a text or email.

Let’s imagine you’ve met a new girl, and you have her phone number. Now you’re in the process of setting up the first date.

She sends you a message saying:

“I could meet you on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday next week”

Now, you could reply by simply saying:

“Wednesday works”

But, it’d be much better to say why Wednesday works, by throwing in some major ‘social proof’ like this:

“Can’t do Monday because I’m meeting my friend Claire for coffee. Got a party to go to on Saturday – and a big dinner-type-do on Sunday night. But, Wednesday works great. Meet me at [insert venue], at 7pm…”

See the difference?

She’s reading that second message – the one with the social proof – and she’s like:

“Holy crap, this guy is in demand. I must get to know him”

And you built all that social proof in a non-bragging kinda way. (Note: women like confident men. Not the bragging types. Cuz bragging wreaks of INSECURITY).

How To Get More ‘Social Proof’ In ‘Day Game’ Situations:

Guy in suit, girl in underwear
Picking up girls on your lunch break – always a good use of time 😉

In ‘Day Game’ situations, social proof can be harder to get.

And, of course, it’s not always necessary in order to get talking to women, get a phone number and so on.

But it can help, and there are ways you can get it.

For instance, always have your PHONE on loud.

That way, if you do approach a woman during the day, and get talking to her – if your phone rings, it is INSTANT ‘social proof.’ Even though the girl you’re talking to doesn’t know whose calling.

If you’re feeling cheeky, you can even say:

“Excuse me, just need to check this”

Then check your phone, don’t answer is, and say:

“I’ll call her back later”

Other ways to get ‘social proof’ when doing ‘Day Game?’

Once you’ve gotten talking to a woman, and have a phone number – it’s always a good idea to end the interaction when it’s HOT. To leave her desperate to see you again.

Before you leave, say something like:

“Listen. It’s been great talking to you. But I have to dash because I’m meeting my friend Sarah for lunch in 20 minutes. I’ll be in touch”

See how that works?

You told her you’re off to meet a girl for lunch – making her think:

“This guy is in demand”

And INCREASING her ATTRACTION for you. Because, as I said earlier – WOMEN want men who are in demand with other women.

It’s just a FACT.

How To Get More ‘Social Proof’ In Coffee Shops and Bars:

Building social proof in coffee shops and bars is EASY.

And there are several ways you can do it. But I’ll just share 2 with you right now…

The 2 best 😉

Here goes…

First, have a ‘go to’ coffee shop and a ‘go to’ bar in your home town/city.

This way, the staff and regulars get to know you – so that whenever you go in, either with a girl on your arm, or to meet girls, you get INSTANT Social Proof. Because the regulars and staff with talk to you like you’re a friend.

Secondly, be SOCIABLE.

Say “Hi” to everyone, make conversations with the guys and girls in the coffee shop or bar. This is a great way to build social proof.


If you do this BEFORE you approach the stunning girl in the corner drinking the Latte – she’ll be much more excited to talk to you. Because you’ve built up a high level of social proof, and she’ll feel like she’s missing out on something good if she doesn’t get to speak to you.

Powerful stuff.

To learn more about successfully meeting, dating and sleeping with red-hot, beautiful women – click here now

And I’ll talk to you soon,

Troy Valance


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