Why Women Can’t Resist Bad Boys That Treat Them Like Crap

Posted by Troy Valance
Bad Boy kissing woman

How Come Bad Boys Get All The Girls – Despite Treating Them Badly… Yet ‘Nice Guys’ Often Struggle to Get Laid Once a Year – Even Though They Treat Women so ‘Nicely?’

You know what I mean when I say ‘Bad Boys,’ right?

Confident… often times ARROGANT.

Super cool around women.

Usually sleeping with 3 or 4 different girls at the same time.

Women want them.

Average guys envy them.

Yet the weird thing is…

Bad Boys treat women like CRAP. But women still go back for more.

Bad Boys let women down, they don’t respect them and they CHEAT on them.

In contrast…

‘Nice Guys’ treat women really well… they’re polite and respectful, they shower women with gifts and do whatever she says…

Yet they struggle to get laid.

What’s going on?

Don’t women know a good guy when they see one!

Why Women Love ‘Bad Boys’…

Here’s the thing…

Despite the Bad Boys faults (and he has many) – he does a few key things that women find REALLY hot and exciting:

  • He’s spontaneous and adventurous
  • He’s extremely confident
  • He’s not afraid to get sexual (and he knows what he’s doing in the bedroom)
  • He’s interesting
  • He can make her laugh

Pretty simple stuff.

Nice Guys usually do none of the above and do certain things that ‘turn women off.’ In fact, Nice Guys do certain things that literally repel women like a bad smell:

  • Agree with everything she says
  • Do whatever she says
  • Pay for everything
  • Act in an uneasy, awkward way when on a date
  • Struggle for conversation

Can you see how tricky dating is for women?

They have a choice to make…

Date the exciting Bad Boy – but put up with his lying, cheating ways.


Date the ‘Nice Guy’ – and accept that he’s kinda boring and isn’t ever going to set her panties on fire.

How To Be More Attractive to Women Than Any ‘Bad Boy’ Could Ever Be…

The truth is that you don’t have to be a lying cheating bad boy.

Nor do you have to be a boring ‘Nice Guy.’

See, even though Bad Boys are good at getting women – good women will always LEAVE THEM in the end. (When they’ve had enough of being treated like dirt).

And for ‘Nice Guys’ – dating will always be a struggle.

Here’s the solution…

Respect women and treat them well – like the ‘Nice Guys’ do.

Be interesting, funny, confident, spontaneous and exciting – just like the Bad Boys.

Do that and you’re literally the 1-in-1000 guy most women HOPE to meet, but never will.

You are the ‘best of both worlds’…

To be blunt…

You spark MASSIVE ATTRACTION inside of her – and set her panties on fire – just like the Bad Boys do. But you treat her with respect – just like a Nice Guy should.

Be that guy and dating any girl is a total piece of cake.

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